Desert Vegetable Shipments More Consistent with Favorable Weather

Desert Vegetable Shipments More Consistent with Favorable Weather

DSCN4471An extended warm weather streak is occurring in the California and Arizona deserts, resulting in  fair to good movement of vegetables.  The only problem is treacherous winter weather in many northern and northeastern markets is hurting demand.

Desert vegetable shipments are taking place from the Imperial, Coachella and Pal Verde valleys of California, as well as the Yuma area in Arizona.  Everything from head lettuce to romaine, as well as broccoli and cauliflower, and greens are being loaded.  The primary problem might be if there are some temporary shipping gaps due to weather factors earlier in the season….Mexican asparagus volume is building at the Calexico, CA border crossing.

Carrot shipments from the Bakersfield area are averaging over 300 truck loads per week.

While strawberry loadings out of the Oxnard district are light, there is better volume with celery.

California citrus shipments  ranging from oranges to tangerines and mandarins  are available from shippers in Central and Southern California.

California avocado shipments have recently got underway and the forecast calls for loadings to total 327 million pounds during the 2014-15 season, about 10 percent greater than this past season.  Volumes are expected to build into March with ‘promotable’ volume beginning in April.

Overall, this is perhaps the lightest volume time of the year for California produce shipments, which too often results in multiple pick ups to fill the trailer.

California desert shipments – grossing about $4400 to Chicago, $6500 to New York City.