Colorado Spud Loadings are Steady; Desert Veggies Improve with Weather

Colorado Spud Loadings are Steady; Desert Veggies Improve with Weather

DSCN4341Here are produce shipping updates for Colorado potatoes, as well as for vegetables from the California and Arizona desert areas.

Colorado potato shipments are steady and averaging about 800 truck loads per week.   Potato acreage in the  San Luis Valley is up 8 percent in 2014 to 53,700 over 2013’s 49,700 acres.

San Luis Valley potato shipment totals through December 2014 are very similar to the previous year, with 10,579 loads having gone out with the end of the year 2014 compared to 10,529 in 2013. Truck shipments of fresh were at 2,654, up from 2,614 the previous year.

Colorado potato shipments – grossing about $2200 to Chicago.

Desert Vegetable Shipments

A couple of weeks of above-normal temperatures since the middle of January have helped bring on vegetables supplies – and shipments – in the western desert areas  of California and Arizona.  In fact this week plenty of sunshine and highs mostly in the lower 70s are predicted.

In early- to mid-January, there were very light supplies of Iceberg lettuce as well as most other vegetables.  But high temperatures in the 70s in Yuma, AZ, and California’s Imperial Valley brought on fields more quickly and increased shipments.

However, it is still the middle of winter with almost three months  of weather yet to play out.   Although the harvest is ahead-of-schedule there is the potential for supply and shipping gaps if the weather cools off and growing time takes longer.

Desert vegetables – grossing about $7000 to New York City.