Loading Updates: Melons, Grapes, Avocados, Onions

Loading Updates: Melons, Grapes, Avocados, Onions

DSCN7612A seasonal shift in watermelon shipments is taking place, plus here’s an update on loadings for California grapes, Florida avocados and Western onion shipments.

Watermelon Shipments Shift

Volume watermelon shipments are making a seasonal shift to new production areas.  Loadings are now taking place from fields west of Lubbock, TX.   Shipping will continue through September.  Both Indiana and Delaware should have watermelon shipments moving into good volume this week….Mexican watermelon shipments through Nogales, AZ are expected by mid October.

Delaware, Maryland and Virginia watermelon shipments – grossing about $1100 to New York City.

California Grape Shipments

In the week ending July 30, about 67 million pounds of California grapes were shipped in the U.S., down from 72.7 million pounds in the same week in 2015.  The July 30 total, was however, more than the 61.9 million pounds that shipped in 2014.  Year-to-date as of July 30, about 1.47 billion pounds of grapes had shipped in the U.S., down from 1.59 billion pounds last year.

San Joaquin Valley grape shipments – grossing about $6200 to New York City.

Florida Avocado Shipments

Florida avocado grower-shippers expect to ship about one-third less fruit compared to previous seasons.  Initially, about 1 million bushels of the green-skinned avocados were expected to be moved.   However, that estimate was later reduced to about 800,000 bushels.  Following an unfavorable growing season, grower-shippers are now eying 600,000-700,000 bushels, about 35 percent smaller than normal.  Typically, shippers such as New Limeco LLC in Princeton, FL as well as Unity Groves Corp. and Brooks Tropicals, both based in Homestead, FL, have peak loadings  in July, August and September.  Most shipments will be finished in December, although very light volume will extend through March.

Onion Shipments

Washington, Idaho and Oregon account for one-third of the nation’s onion shipments.  The primary Pacific Northwest shipping locations for storage onions are in the Treasure Valley in western Idaho and eastern Oregon and in the Columbia Basin in Central Washington and North Central Oregon.   Three years ago Northwest onion shipments exceeded 32 million hundredweight.

Northwest onion volume is currently very light, but gradually increasing.  Much heavier shipments are taking place from southern New Mexico, averaging about 750 truckloads a week.  California’s San Joaquin Valley has over 650 truck loads being shipped weekly.

Southern New Mexico onion shipments – grossing about $3100 to Chicago.