Vegetable Shipments are Gearing Up with New Seasons in New York, Washington, Oregon

Vegetable Shipments are Gearing Up with New Seasons in New York, Washington, Oregon

nyvegNew York vegetable shipments are now moving to markets, while potato loads from the new crops for Washington and Oregon will be underway soon.

It was a drought in New York last year, but too much rain this year affecting vegetable shipments.  For example, Turek Farms of King Ferry, NY has left  a few hundred of its nearly 4,000 acres unplanted this year due to excessive rains.  The company’s s corn harvest is just getting underway to be followed by cabbage, broccoli and Brussels spouts.

Torrey Farms Inc. of Elba, NY grows about 14,000 acres and faces similar issues.  Torrey also grows cucumbers, green beans, yellow squash, cabbage, onions, potatoes and winter squash.

Meanwhile,  Eden Valley Growers of Eden, NY, just got started with sweet corn, cabbage, squash, cucumbers and beans.

New York shipped sweet corn in 2016 off of 26,600 acres, amounting to 2.5 million cwt.   Corn for the fresh market made up $44.6 million of a total crop value of $53 million.  Green bean shipments last year came off of  28,300 acres, for a total of nearly 2 million cwt.

New York’s vegetable shipments extend into late November and even early December for some crops.

Washington Potato Shipments

In 2016 Washington growers planted 170,000 acres of potatoes, with acreage and volumes expected to be similar this season.  The state typically ships about 10 billion pounds of potatoes each growing season.

Potandon Produce LLC of Idaho Falls, ID, will begin shipping russet and colored potatoes out of Osceola, WA later this month, while Norm Nelson Inc., of Burlington, WA expects to start loading spuds in September.

Washington’s Columbia Basin potato shipments – grossing about $3400 to Chicago.

Oregon Potato Shipments

Oregon potato shipments for the fresh market represents nearly 13 percent of  total production in the U.S.   Similar volume of about 2.5 billion pounds is seen for the upcoming season.

Strebin Farms LLC of  Troutdale, OR will pack the old storage crop through the end of July, before starting with the new crop in early August.  In similar fashion, Amstad Produce LLC, of Sherwood, OR also expects its  new potato crop to be ready after the first week of August.  The company will be shipping red and yellow potatoes August through the end of the year out of the Willamette Valley.