Acreage Increases May Lead to More Strawberry Shipments

Acreage Increases May Lead to More Strawberry Shipments

The New Year is expected to bring big time California strawberry shipments during the spring and early summer peak season.


The California Strawberry Commission of Watsonville reports the primary reason is due to an anticipated small increase in acreage. Fall plantings, which will produce fruit during the traditional winter, spring and summer months, were reported at 26,928 acres for 2020, up from 25,868 last year.

Assuming the weather cooperates, 2020 California strawberry shipments could hit record levels from Easter (April 12) to Independence Day (July 4), according to the commission.

Summer plantings for fall production will continue its upward trend of recent years, reaching 7,185 acres this year, up from 7,089 in 2019.

During the past five years, greater yielding strawberry varieties have allowed growers to reach record production while acreages have declined.