California Kiwi, Persimmon Shipments Expected to be Down

California Kiwi, Persimmon Shipments Expected to be Down

Both California kiwi and persimmon shipments are expected to be down this season.

Trinity Fruit Sales of Fresno, CA handles sales for Venida Packing Co. of Exeter, CA. Venida reports the 2020-21 California kiwifruit crop should be about 9 million tray pack equivalents compared to 10.5 million last year.

Kiwifruit is a storage crop, similar to apples, with packing being completed by the end of November, with shipments continuing out of storage until May. The company has seen a tremendous increase in loadings to retailers, but a huge drop in foodservice as more consumers are staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for persimmons, fewer shipments are predicted this season.
Persimmons are an alternate-bearing crop, with a heavy-volume year usually followed by a lighter one.

There are two main kinds of California persimmons. The fuyu variety is squattier, and it is eaten when it’s hard, like an apple.

The hachiya variety is more the traditional cooking variety, or it can be eaten fresh once it’s soft.

Persimmons are shipped to major retail chains and club stores from October until mid-December.