Eastern Shipping Points: A Look at Loadings

Eastern Shipping Points: A Look at Loadings

It certainly isn’t that good, but here are your best bets for fresh produce loading opportunities in the Eastern Time Zone.


It is Florida hands down, but even here you are looking at multiple pickups and multiple drops in most cases.

Nearly 750 truckload equivalents of Florida tomatoes are being shipped weekly. This is mostly the mature greens, with much smaller volumes found with grape (cherry) and plum tomatoes.

Strawberries from the Plant City, FL area are averaging about 575 truckload equivalents a week. There are modest amounts of fresh grapefruit and oranges, with even smaller amounts of other citrus amounting to around 475 truckload equivalents weekly.

There also are lesser amounts of cabbage, sweet corn as well as a new crop of red potatoes just getting underway.

Florida produce shipments primarily from central and southern areas – grossing about $3200 to New York City.

Port of Philadelphia

Chilean fruit arrivals by boat at Philadelphia are averaging around 750 truckloads a week. This consists mostly of table grapes although there are some peaches, plums and nectarines.


Not much here except apples from the Grand Rapids area in the western part of the state, as well as some onions.

North Carolina

Sweet potatoes by shippers mostly in the Eastern part of the state are averaging over 200 truckloads a week.