Imported Mexican Avocados to Increase this Season

Imported Mexican Avocados to Increase this Season

Mexican avocado imports by the U.S. are expected to experience higher volume this year than last.

Growers in Mexico will export 2.3 billion pound of avocados to the U.S. in 2020-21, up from just over 2 billion pounds during the 2019-20 season according to The Mexican Hass Avocados Importers Association.

Summer avocado shipments from California and Peru have given way to Mexican fruit, giving Mexico a 96 percent market share.

The Oppenheimer Group of Vancouver, British Columbia announced in October that it had acquired a 65 percent stake in Eco Farms of Temecula, CA, which has increased its year-round supplies of avocados.

The focus now is on Mexico, which is ramping up production and moving towards the peak of its 2020-21 season.

About half the business at Henry Avocado Corp. of Escondido, Calif., has been with restaurants and other institutions, which have cut back orders.

Overall shipments have been higher than last year because of lower prices and increased sales to retailers, but still nothing like they should have been due to the crash in foodservice business.

Calavo Growers Inc. of Santa Paula, CA will have about 20 percent more product from Mexico to sell from this year’s regular crop out of Mexico than last year.

 Index Fresh Inc., Riverside, CA expects a crop 15 t 20 percent larger than any average crop since 2015.