LGS Specialty Sales Provides Update on 2020 Summer Citrus Season

LGS Specialty Sales Provides  Update on 2020 Summer Citrus Season

NEW ROCHELLE, NY  LGS Specialty Sales, a leading importer of citrus, avocados, grapes, and persimmons shares an overview of the various commodities offered throughout the summer months. During the summer citrus season, LGS sources lemons, navels, minneolas, mandarins and cara cara oranges to the U.S. for its Darling Citrus® line.

While LGS imports lemons regularly throughout the year, the company is experiencing a strong summer lemon season from Argentina and Chile.

** Argentinian lemon season began in May and will last throughout August. 

** Chilean lemon season began in late June and anticipates going through early October.

LGS provides other varieties of citrus throughout the summer and looks forward to the arrival of the following fruit: 

  • Navel season takes place from July through October.
  • Minneola season is also on the horizon from mid-July through September. LGS anticipates a similar season to last year with a slight increase in volume. 
  • Mandarin season – W. Murcottswill also be available in mid-July from Peru followed by Chile. The mandarins are showing a great color and brix/acid ratio, which results in a sweeter fruit. 
  • Cara Cara season will be available late July through September.
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    LGS Specialty Sales, Ltd. has been importing fruit from select growers around the world for close to 30 years. Today, LGS is a leading importer of clementines, oranges, avocados, grapes, lemons, minneolas, cara cara oranges and persimmons.