Peruvian Grape Imports Expected to Increase with New Season

Peruvian Grape Imports Expected to Increase with New Season
Shipping containers in the port of Valparaiso, Chile

A 5 percent increase is estimated for Peruvian grape exports for the 2019-20 shipping season, according to a new estimate from the USDA. 

Peru’s total grape exports will reach 402,000 metric tons in 2010-20, up 5 percent from a year ago. The forecast comes in the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural annual fruit report on Peru.

The U.S. was the primary export destination in 2018, accounting for 32 percent of Peru’s total exports. The U.S. was followed by Netherlands with 20 percent and Hong Kong with 11 percent of Peru’s grape shipments.

Increasing Production

Peruvian grape production continues to rise and will total around 648,000 metric tons in 2019-2020, a 3 percent increase compared with last season. d Peruvian grape production is fully recovered from the heavy rains of the 2017 El Niño and is expected to maintain an upward trend in the upcoming years. Peru has a dry coast with over 12 hours of sunlight per day year-round. Those conditions make it an ideal region for grape production, allowing growers in Peru to mature vines 55 pecent faster than in neighboring countries.

Peru’s grape production is mainly located in Ica (41 percent) and Piura (22 percent), with total area under cultivation totaling more than 79,000 acres.