Peruvian Table Grape Exports Forecast to Increase 2 Percent

Peruvian Table Grape Exports Forecast to Increase 2 Percent

Peruvian table grape exports should increase 2 percent for the 2021 season compared to a year ago, according to a projection by the USDA. This would place exports at 412,000 metric tons (MT).

This is a contrast to estimates from the Peruvian table grape association Provid in October forecasting exports would rise by 16 percent to 56 million box equivalents to 8.2 kilos, which would be 426,000MT.

The USDA reports the U.S. was the top export destination in the 2019 calendar year, accounting for 38 percent of total exports. Other markets are the Netherlands and Hong Kong with 15 and 10 percent of the export market share, respectively.

Fresh table grapes are one of the top produce exports by value for Peru and 2020 export value expected to reach $1 billion.

Peruvian grape exports to the U.S. peak in December and January due to seasonally higher prices. Between October 2019 and March 2020, Peru became the leading grape supplier to China accounting for 48 percent of market share. Total table grape production in Peru is forecast to reach 665,000 MT in 2020/2021 (October-September), a two percent increase over the previous year.

Favorable weather conditions, good water supply and growing demand are driving this increase. Peru has a dry coast with a range of temperatures and over 12 hours of sunlight per day, year-round, which makes it an ideal region for grape production. These conditions combined with precision irrigation enables Peru to mature vines 55 percent faster than in neighboring countries, the USDA report said.

Grape production is mainly located in Ica (41 percent) and Piura (22 percent), and the total area under cultivation is estimated at 31,500 hectares. Harvesting season in Peru begins in late October and ends in April. The Red Globe variety dominates production, as it remains popular in the growing Chinese market. However, producers are shifting toward higher value varieties to supply other markets.