New York Vegetable Shipments Having Normal Start in mid July

New York Vegetable Shipments Having Normal Start in mid July

New York vegetable shipments are just getting started with full volume expected in August.

Torrey Farms of Elba, NY grows, harvests, packs and ships everything it grows, while its sister company, Paul Marshall Produce and its drivers deliver prouct to customers.

The company expects 2,400 acres of onions this season in addition to its
cucumbers, green beans, squashes and potatoes. Most items got underway around July 10 – 15, while onions will start in early August.

Torrey Farms ships vegetables to destination all along the East Coast and as far west as Chicago.

About 70 percent of its produce goes to the retailer, with the balance directed to wholesalers and food service operations.

While Parker Farms is favorably known in the south for its marketing of broccoli, sweet corn, squash and peppers in partnership with nearly half a dozen farms on several thousand acres, come summertime, the company turns a great deal of attention to New York state.

Parker Farms of Oak Grove, VA works with Kludt Bros. Farm in Kendall, NY, who operate over 1,000-acres of vegetables, growing mainly broccoli and sweet corn.

Working with Kludt Farms in the summer allows Parker Farms to be a year-around vegetable supplier. the company distributes vegetables from Florida to Maine, with most its business east of the Mississippi, except for some sweet corn and other items it delivers to Texas.

In New York, broccoli starts in the middle of July with corn following around July 20 and lasting until early August.