Western New York Produce Shipments are Looking Good

Western New York Produce Shipments are Looking Good

Western New York vegetable shipments got off to a good start in spring and early summer, and expectation are for this to continue on through the rest of summer.

Hansen Farms of Stanley, NY is has 1,200 acres of cabbage it is shipping, up slightly from a year ago.

This northern cabbage stores well for long periods at the farm at 33 degrees Fahrenheit and can be available year-round.

Apples, cabbage, sweet corn, squash, snap beans and pumpkins are top specialty crops for this state, according to the USDA’s 2021 state agriculture overview, updated July 1.

About 10,800 acres of cabbage for all purposes was harvested in New York in 2021.

In contrast, apples for the fresh market came from 44,000 harvested acres where apples were grown for all purposes.

Other produce for the fresh market are listed below:

  • Sweet corn from 23,600 harvested acres.
  • Squash from 4,400 harvested acres.
  • Pumpkins from 5,100 harvested acres.
  • Snap beans from 23,700 harvested acres.

Turek Farm of King Ferry, NY began shipping vegetables for the fresh market around July 10, first with zucchini, summer squash, cabbage and English peas, followed by sweet corn.

After watching sluggish volume movement out of Florida and Georgia this winter, Turek decided to plant 15% to 20% fewer acres of sweet corn, cabbage and zucchini in New York. For crops with more set prices from contracts, such as pumpkins, he didn’t reduce acreage.

SM Jones, based in Belle Glade, FL has New York grown sweet corn through fall, and in between, pumpkin, winter squash, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.