Heavier Imports of Mangos Coming this Summer Following Lighter Supplies

Heavier Imports of Mangos Coming this Summer Following Lighter Supplies

U.S. importers report heavier imported mango supplies will be coming this summer, while 2023 so far has had lighter than normal volume.

Mexico is the primary source of mangoes during spring and summer months, providing over 90% of the total supply, according to the National Mango Board, Orlando, FL.

The supply of mangoes to the U.S. from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador for 2020-22 has been on average 135 million boxes.

Mission Produce Inc. of Oxnard, CA notes rain early this year led to a slightly delayed start to the Mexico mango harvest. Mission Produce receives several varieties of mangoes from multiple growing regions.

The company reports high-quality tommy atkins and honey mangoes from Mexico have been arriving at its North American forward distribution centers, although in limited volumes. Mission also is sourcing tommy atkins mangoes from Nicaragua and Guatemala.

As summer approaches, the harvest of fibreless varieties, such as kent and keitt mangoes, generally begins in northern and central Mexico. Mission will start sourcing kent mangoes from Mexico this month. It also plans to source organic tommy atkins, kent and keitt mango varieties from Mexico.

Central American Produce, Pompano Beach, FL., will import mangoes from Central America until around mid-May and will continue to source from several areas of Mexico throughout the summer. The company offers tommy atkins, haden and honey mangoes.

Central American Produce also imports a few organic mangoes.
Vision Import Group of River Edge, NJ, which early this year formed a joint venture called Vision Global Group with William H. Kopke Jr. Inc. of Great Neck, NY, is importing mangoes from Mexico and Guatemala this spring.

The company handles mostly the tommy atkins variety, some honey mangoes and a few hadens. A few kents should be available from Guatemala.