Honeybear Reports Best Pazazz Apple Crop on Record

Honeybear Reports Best Pazazz Apple Crop on Record

Elgin, MN — Even with the challenging apple supply from Washington, this is the best Pazazz crop on record, reports Honeybear Brands. Shipments will continue throughout the winter and spring.

“Growers in the Midwest, New York, Washington and Nova Scotia harvested a beautiful Pazazz crop that will uniquely increase in brix throughout the coming months.  Pazazz apples are harvested with high starch content that benefit with some time in storage, so as other apple varieties start to fade in flavor, Pazazz apples get better and better” says Don Roper, VP sales and marketing, Honeybear Brands. “In addition, our customers get the benefit of their fruit coming from closer to home, which is an important attribute.”

Growing Locations

Shoppers are aware their product choices have an impact on the environment and are more regularly seeking foods grown closer to home, when possible. The domestic Pazazz crop fits that bill with orchards and packing facilities that stretch east to west and can provide quick, packed-to-order freshness and shorter travel times.

Unique Flavor

Great flavor drives consumer purchase behavior, and this sets Pazazz apart from other apples in the marketplace. The unique flavor and balance of sweet and tangy is the biggest part of the Pazazz success. This clean and refreshing apple packs a strong crunch with a flavor that is enhanced as the season progresses.

Pazazz Boosts Moods and Brand Awareness

An apple a day keeps the blues away! Pazazz is engaged in a multipronged marketing campaign highlighting the mood boosting benefits of apples as well as the physical benefits.  A swath of social media content from influencers and podcasters to giveaway sweepstakes of The Happiness Diet book are targeting consumers in markets where Pazazz is on shelf.  

In February, Pazazz and The American Institute for Cancer Research will again team up with Celebrity Chef Elle Simone from America’s Test Kitchen to promote the cancer-fighting benefits of apples with unique content reaching millions of viewers via multiple media platforms and in-store assets.

About Honeybear Brands

Family owned and operated for more than forty years, Honeybear is a dual hemisphere grower, packer, shipper and importer of apples, pears and cherries year-round. A pioneer in the commercialization of Honeycrisp, the company has been an industry leader in responsible, sustainable growing practices and land stewardship for many years. Honeybear Brands is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wescott Agri Products. For more information about Honeybear, visit www.honeybearbrands.com and follow us on Facebook.