U.S. Demand for Mangos Continues to Increase

U.S. Demand for Mangos Continues to Increase

 99% of mangos consumed in the U.S. are imported since local production in Florida and California is low, according to the National Mango Board of Orlando, FL

Data from the Board, reveals from 2005 to 2022, the volume of the fruit has more than doubled from 62 million 4kg boxes to approximately 139 million boxes.

And in terms of consumption, it has gone from 1.88 pounds per person/year to 3.7 pounds per person/year. This impressive growth is projected to continue.

Mexican mango volume has hit a record in export volumes. Peru is expected to have a great year in 2023. The country is already reaching 20 million boxes and it could be even more, which would be a record.

Generally, 98% of the U.S. volume consumed is exported by six countries.

Mexico is the leading exporter with 65% of the volume, followed by Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil, which have between 12% and 15%. 

Then comes Guatemala with 3.5% – 4 million boxes per year -, followed by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, which account for around 2 million boxes.

The Dominican Republic started exporting mangoes two to three years ago to the U.S.

The volume of U.S. imports has increased more than 100%, and per capita consumption has doubled in the United States. 

With 3.7 pounds per person/year, the board’s goal is to double to 7 pounds of mango consumption in the U.S. in the next three to five years.