Strong Domestic Blueberry Shipments are Forecast by California Giant

Strong Domestic Blueberry Shipments are Forecast by California Giant

California Giant Berry Farms of Watsonville, CA is forecasting big volume and shipments for domestic blueberries this season.

“We’re forecasting a strong harvest of domestic conventional and organic blueberries in the immediate months, from several different growing regions including California, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. This will all be followed by a large blueberry crop coming from the Pacific Northwest growing regions in early July,” shared Thomas Smith, director of sales at California Giant Berry Farms.

Conventionally grown Florida blueberries have recently begun harvesting and peak volumes are expected by mid-to-late April. Georgia production started in early April and will hit peak production in early May. Concurrently, the North Carolina growing region will add to volumes that bolster the southeast season.

Promotable volumes from the opposite side of the states—California’s Central Valley—will provide ample supplies of fresh blueberries from mid-May through mid-to-late June.

California Giant’s Oxnard California organic blueberry crop has been harvesting since early 2024 and hit peak production volume in early April, before a steady decline in May. The Central Valley organic blueberry crop will begin peak production in late April with production continuing through May.

“We’re on the right track to have a very good supply of high-quality blueberries throughout the domestic season,” added Smith.

Through the shared industry goal to drive significant increases in blueberry consumption, California Giant continues to deliver the best berry experience by providing a year-round supply of sustainably grown fresh berries that represent the highest standards for quality and consistency.


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