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During my 47 years involvement with the trucking and produce industries, it has been my privilege to work with men and women, who are dedicated, hard-working and mostly good, down-to-earth honest folks. Without either industry it would be impossible to bring the finest fruits and vegetable to a hungry nation every single day.  This is why I’ve been so proud to be part of these dynamic Industries.

And nothing is more important to the supply chain than trucks and truckers. Without you our great country would come to a halt.

I launched my career in September 1974 and was soon heavily involved in the most drastic change of the trucking industry, its deregulation. From this point on it has been a dynamic and exciting ride; one which I have never regretted. was formally launched in January 2012 and I “retired” nearly three years later. Over the past decade I’ve posted over 3,150 news and feature stories. Hopefully a few of the things I’ve learned over the past half century are beneficial.

May this special time of the year bring you peace, good health, and happiness.   And may 2022 bring us hope, resilience and a belief the human race will become better.

I sincerely thank you for your loyalty and kindness.

-Bill Martin-

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