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Sun Belle Launches 2021 Pomegranate Arils Program

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Berry importer/shipper/marketer Sun Belle Inc. has launched its 2021 Pomegranate Arils program with Green Belle organic and Sun Belle conventional  4.4 ounce cups packed  by Agricola Los Medanos S.A. in Ica, Peru. The arils are extracted from just-ripe pomegranates in Los Medanos’ ultra-clean facility using state of the art technology, including UV sanitation,  immediately packed in retail cups with peel  and resealable lids with a tamper proof outer ring seal, and air shipped to North America.

The arils are ruby sweet flavor pops which enliven meals and celebrations throughout the day – from the breakfast bowl to desserts, salads, savory dishes, and snacks to delicious beverages.

Janice Honigberg, president of Sun Belle Inc. kicked off this year’s program saying: “Pomegranates are among the world’s most ancient fruits, always sought after for their taste and beauty. The tiny red jewels are rich in vitamin C, K, B-6 and potassium.  High in anti-oxidants and fiber but with a low-calorie count, pomegranate arils are a delicious ready-to-eat snack for health-conscious consumers.  Sun Belle is pleased to offer such superb quality products through the spring and summer months.”

Sun Belle, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2021, was founded by Honigberg in Washington, DC and is the exclusive marketer of the Sun Belle and Green Belle brands. In addition to arils, introduced in 2018, Sun Belle markets and distributes conventional and organic blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries; certified biodynamic organic cranberries and blueberries; golden berries, Black Mission figs and red currants; and green house and specialty produce.  Sun Belle operates distribution and sales centers in Jessup, Maryland; Miami, Florida; Schiller Park, Illinois; Oxnard, California; and Laredo, Texas.


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