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Bully Dog is Raising Bar on Turbo Applications

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TurboBy Bully Dog

The Big Rig HD department is raising the bar for quality with the first of many turbo applications to come. The new HD turbo, part number 56250 is a direct replacement for 6 of the most common Caterpillar applications.

What makes the Bully Dog turbo better than the rest? Quality parts from start to finish. Our turbo is triple balanced to 180,000 RPM’s, assembled with quality copper thrust washers and journal bearings, and topped off with a billet wheel. We back up our heavy duty turbo with a one year warranty. We keep our customers in mind by making the purchase hassle free with NO core charge.

The Bully Dog 56250 turbo offers everything your big rig needs and more 36 HP more to be exact. Covering a full list of Caterpillar applications from 1989-2003 including 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, C-15 and C-16/

Turbo2Bully Dog’s products are designed for economy AND power in order to give users what they need, when they need it. They have more to offer the Heavy Duty market than ever before, and want to connect with the folks who NEED their products.

Our sales team will be at the Truckers Jamboree July 9-11, 2015 to show big rig drivers how they can boost their rigs power, pull, and fuel economy using Bully Dog. Visit us across the way from the Pork Chop Tent.

Take Exit 284 for Walcott, Iowa. See you there!




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Big Rig Owner Slashes Fuel Costs, Increases MPG

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BullyDog1More than three million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks move 9.2 billion tons of freight annually along America’s arterial highways, according to the American Trucking Associations. It takes over 37 billion gallons of diesel fuel to move this freight, costing over $121 billion. Fuel costs are the largest variable cost in trucking. How can you control this? Invest in simple technology to boost mpg.

One man is doing exactly that.  Meet Daniel and his wife, Phyllis Snow, of Snow Trucking who are adopting the latest technology to slash fuel costs and become more competitive in the dry freight business.

By employing a methodical, almost scientific, approach to evaluating new technologies, the husband and wife team have transformed their 1996 freightliner classic XL with over 1.8 million highway miles from a 4.8 mpg vehicle to 7.5.

Two years later, the couple has documented savings of $30,000 in diesel fuel costs for the truck they affectionately refer to as “the Goose.” If every operator was as progressive as the Snow’s, the industry would save billions in fuel, not to mention the positive impact on the environment.

Targeting Fuel Costs

In 2012, the husband-and-wife team made the move from hauling livestock on a regional basis to dry freight runs throughout the Central and Southern United States. Facing stiff competition, they quickly realized that they needed to re-think their fixed and variable costs.

“The very first thing to know in any business, including trucking, is your operating costs,” emphasizes Daniel Snow. “Once you determine that, you discover that fuel is eating you up when it’s over 32%.”

At the time, fuel costs for the Goose was a whopping 48% of their total expenses. So the couple decided to marry their old school professionalism and service with a commitment to apply new technologies that could drive down fuel costs.

Team Snow was determined to look beyond OEM claims of fuel savings and instead consider all available aftermarket products. Snow arrived at this conclusion by meticulously examining his own fuel consumption data, quickly discovering that “a lot of time, the data [from manufacturers] appeared skewed.”

“Our major goal over these last two years was to find real raw data, highway data, that is not manipulated in any way.”

To accomplish this, Snow engaged in a step-by-step approach to document fuel consumption and any associated savings. They identified and installed various fuel saving devices and then kept detailed notes and calculations. No two devices were applied at the same time.

“Just about everything we do, we do in phases. That way we know exactly what each individual product is doing for us,” says Snow.

Gauge Tuners to Improve Engine Performance

At the top of Snow’s list was investigating high-performance gauge tuners that help reduce fuel consumption and improve engine performance.

While not all gauge tuners are equal, these devices typically focus on tuning the engine control module (ECM) to improve performance and then some provide additional features such as a driving coach or diagnostic reader.

Besides the obvious discriminator of wanting the tuner that optimized fuel savings the most, Snow insisted on being able to upload the tune himself and not mail away his ECM, which would result in significant big rig down time and lost revenue. “We wanted to buy the tuner, not just a tune,” says Snow.

All of a sudden, the list of options became very thin. In fact it melted away to one – the Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (HDGT), a Bully Dog product from Derive Systems.

Snow installed the device on the Goose’s 60-series Detroit Diesel in January of 2013.

Describing himself as “mechanically inclined, but not computer inclined” he was able to plug it in, follow the prompts on the screen, and complete a short download in less than 15 minutes.

“I was really impressed with how simple it was to plug-and-play,” says Snow.

The unit was installed, while he and his wife were on the road, at a shipper’s facility in Atlanta, Georgia. This was significant, because the couple had recently completed three identical runs from Atlanta to the final destination in Texas.

“We had completed that run several times, so we knew exactly what that load cost us,” explains Snow.

The initial test run of the engine programmer yielded an immediate saving of $174.

Snow then began calculating the fuel savings every 1,000 gallons of fuel; after calculating the results, the Goose had gained 1.4 mpg on average.

The next step was to take advantage of the HDGT’s unit’s “driving coach,” which offers tips that help develop positive driving habits to improve fuel economy.

“We started adjusting our driving habits using the monitor and gained another 0.7 miles per gallon, just by plain old driving better,” says Snow.

Over the past two years, Snow has traveled 236,000 additional miles with the engine tuning software and saved over $30,000.

“Other truckers will find that in a very short period of time the investment in the heavy duty gauge tuner will go from a ‘cost’ category and move across the page to the ‘income’ side,” says Snow. “For us it was after 4.5 months when the technology converted to a profit center.”

To squeeze out even more fuel savings, the couple also installed a SmartTruck Undertray system on their trailer to smooth the rig’s aerodynamic profile. This change netted an additional 0.4 mpg.

Finally, they installed another Bully Dog product from Derive Systems, a ceramic-coated exhaust manifold that added 0.2 mpg.

The grand total was an additional 2.7 mpg, boosting The Goose from 4.8 to 7.5 mpg.

More importantly, Snow says, “it took us from being non-competitive on what we were bidding on to being more efficient than most company-style trucks out on the road.”

Declining Diesel Prices Triggers Need for Efficiency

It may seem counterintuitive, but the recent decreases in diesel fuel prices actually makes increasing fuel efficiency even more critical.

Savings from the decrease in fuel prices are often offset by plummeting freight rates. Even if both were to drop proportionally, this doesn’t take into account the fixed costs of trucking – insurance, tags, and trailer payments – that don’t change.

So what does Snow intend to do with the money he saves? In addition to paying his personal bills and setting a little aside for retirement in the not-too-distant future, the couple would like to contribute more to charities, indulge in good food and add more chrome to the Goose.

“The more money we don’t have to put in the fuel tank, the better; and the more money we have for ourselves and others,” concludes Snow.

By Marissa Muller, Derive Systems.

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Bully Dog Unveils New Big Rig Manifold

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Bully Dog, striving to set itself apart from any other aftermarket automotive company is doing so with their line of Manifolds. Determined to set the standard for efficiency, they are releasing yet another Manifold for Caterpillar Engines. The benefits of this latest product are listed below along with the applications to go with it.

C11 Exhaust Manifold for CAT
Part #85207 (replaces OEM Part #229-3567)

2003-2006 C11 Caterpillar Engines

Benefits and Features

  • Better design, pressure fitted to eliminate leaks, and gradual corners for better airflow
  • High Quality material to eliminate cracks
  • Ported to eliminate airflow interference
  • Ceramic coated cooling EGT by 100 degrees
  • Fuel Mileage increase
  • 20-30 HP increase

Check into to see just what else we can do for you!

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2014 Dog Days of Summer Coming Soon!

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DSCN0536By Bully Dog

American Falls, ID -July 18th at the Bannock County Fairgrounds, SCT/Bully Dog will look for the perfect blend of speed, raw power and unmatched performance. With $20,000 available in cash and prizes, it’s well worth the time to register as a participant in multiple events!

For instance, if the Dyno isn’t your style, maybe your true calling lies in the racing lanes with all the other drag racers, or maybe you can find that sweet spot between traction, speed and power when you hook up in the pulling class. Out there somewhere, we believe there could be a truck and driver that will win every event, and bring home the ultimate Triple Crown prize of $5000 cash!!

We hope that this is the year of the Dog Days Champion. Could it be you? Aside from the outrageous performance drivers looking to make their mark on the track, SCT/Bully Dog is sponsoring many more events for everyone else to enjoy. The whole family can look forward to rides on the Monster Truck, given out all afternoon.

Throughout the day, there are booths set up selling SCT/Bully Dog merchandize, giving out product information and plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of diesel racing. SCT/Bully Dog is the industry leader in developing full-featured aftermarket enhancements for an unprecedented number of vehicle applications. Founded in 1999 and guided by the idea that every vehicle possesses untapped potential, Bully Dog equips gas, diesel and heavy duty drivers with the tools to unlock their rides’ potential power and economy gains. Visit us online at

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Owner Operator Mark Baumann: Women, Trucks & Big Fleets

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DSCN1454When it comes to women and trucks, owner operator Mark Baumann has found if you treat your truck right, it will never let you down.  Women are another matter.  He also has a few issues with the large carriers, but one matter at a time.

On this particular day a few weeks in Chicago, it was a  bright sunny day.  Although he’d driven through some rain storms the night before, his 2005 Peterbilt still looked sharp, even though it needed a bath.

I’d love to see this rig at night with its 300 lights shining!

“My mom always said be seen, not heard,” Mark recalls.  “Life has been good to me, but like anything else it has had its ups and downs.  I’ve made a lot of money, but I’ve lost a lot of money.”

Mark hauls cheese under a lease to Wisconsin Refrigerated Express LLC out of  Sheboygan, WI.  Those loads are usually destined to Texas.  On the return haul he’ll pick up fresh produce grown in South Texas or Mexico, which he delivers to the Anthony Marano Co. in Chicago.  The large midwest produce distributor will unload him, and fill his truck with more produce for delivery to Wisconsin supermarkets.

He purchased his 379 Pete new in 2005 for $115,000 and has since logged nearly 1.3 million miles.  It is powered by a C-15 Cat, 18-speed transmission with 3:55 rears.  The rig features a fuel enhancing Pittsburgh box by HBA, allowing him to average 5 mpg, which he says is similar to one produced by Bully Dog.

He also owns a 2004 Great Dane, 48-food trailer with a Thermo King Whisper, a reefer unit known for its quietness and fuel efficency.

Mark loves his Pete and states if someone offered him what he paid for it new, he’d walk away from the offer.

“You can find a good woman anywhere.  Women come and go, but a good truck is hard to come by,” states the 47-year-old trucker from Plymouth, WI.  “That ole girl (Pete) will be with me til the day I die.  She’ll do whatever I want, if I ask her nicely.”

He adds, “I always haul produce and cheese.  Trucking is in my blood.  Once it is there, you can’t get rid of it.”

Mark says he spends $2,800 a week on fuel.  Although “that’s a good chunk of money, I’m making good money.”

However, like most successful owner operators, making money comes with a price.  He is consistently logging about 3,400 miles per week and spends little time at home.

“I’m the guy they call when they say a job can’t be done,” he states.

Mark has been trucking 16 years and says it is the independent truckers that have built this industry; the small fleet owner with four or five trucks.  However, he says it is becoming more difficult to compete with the rate slashing big fleets.

He also is critical of the new drivers hitting the highways for the large carriers, saying many have inadquate training before being put behind the wheel of a big rig.

“A lot of bad things can happen with lack of enough training.  They train them for three weeks, give them a new Kenworth and tell them to the head to California.  You can replace a rig, but you can’t replace a life,” he observes.






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Turbocharged: A Boost for Better Fuel Mileage

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IMG_5505With fuel prices rocketing, you have probably pondered (along with the rest of us) how best to prolong the time between trips to the pump. Stumped? Not us – Bully Dog is here to help and we have several ready solutions to your economy woes. Chief among them is our premium line of Heavy Duty Turbochargers.Not sure if you should buy Bully Dog? Let’s put those worries to rest. Bully Dog Turbochargers offers higher boost levels than your stock turbo, and they run more efficiently than other turbo on the market. Run more boost up those grades AND spend more time on the road and less filling up – nice! Bully Dog turbos also run cooler than stock turbos, resulting in lower exhaust gas temperatures and less risk of heat damage when your rig is really working hard.Bully Dog understands the need to protect your engine and eek a few more miles before you open your wallet again. That’s why we continue to roll out more products every year to help your rig achieve its full potential. For performance, power and economy, Bully Dog is your best friend – find out more on our website today.

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Sensor Docking Station, Now for Heavy Duty

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More exciting news from Bully Dog; the Sensor Docking Station Products (#40383, #40384 and #40387) have been incorporated into the Heavy Duty GT and Heavy Duty WatchDog. 

What does this mean?  In a nutshell you can easily add additional gauges that the OEM did not equip on your truck with your Heavy Duty WatchDog or Heavy Duty GT. 

What gauges are we talking about?  Pretty much the skies the limit – Boost, Pyrometer, Water, Tranny, Rear-end, Ambient Air, etc, etc.  If the gauge has a 5 volt sensor, it can be displayed digitally inside the cab.   Warning levels can be set on many of these gauges to warn you when max levels, that you have set, have been exceeded so you can take action to prevent damage to your rig. 

More detailed information can be found at

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Bully Dog adds Paccar to its supported engines

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Bully Dog is thrilled to announce that the Paccar MX® engine has been added to the group of engines that are available within Bully Dog’s Heavy Duty WatchDog and Heavy Duty GT.   Here is a testimonial from one of our customers about the benefits of using the HDGT on a truck with the Paccar engine.

“I bought my truck new.  It’s a T-660 with the 455 Paccar MX motor.  Right now it has 165,000 miles on it.  I pull a reefer from the Midwest to the East coast so we are loaded going both ways.  It’s pretty flat until you get to PA and get into those hills, but there are some good pulls.  Previously I had been running Cat C-15s so this was quite a letdown in performance.  The stupid thing gets 7.5 MPG so you have to figure if you want to put that money in your back pocket or be the first one to the top of the hill.

Before installing the HDGT, the truck wouldn’t get out of its own way.  Now that I installed the Bully Dog, it’s a lot more aggressive.  When you call for power it’s there.  I would say it’s a 90% improvement over what I had, because you always want more horsepower.  The truck is what I would call snotty.  It has an attitude that was completely missing before and it doesn’t quit on you anytime it sees a hill. It has been a big improvement in performance and I would recommend the HDGT to drivers that are using the Paccar motor.”
Jeff, South Dakota

More detailed information can be found at

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Set Your own Speed Limits

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In case you didn’t know, Ontario and Quebec put new laws in place in 2009 that require trucks entering their borders to have their speed limiter set to 105 kph (around 65 mph). There are no exceptions, and the fines can be pretty steep.

Up until now you’ve had two choices: change the speed limiter before you set off (meaning you have to drive slowly all the way to Canada as well as within Canada) or pay someone else to change it for you.

No more! Bully Dog’s Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (HDGT) is approved by the Canadian government, and with it you can easily change the speed limiter, helping you comply with Canadian laws and saving you time and money!

If you worry about driving into Canada, then worry no more! The HDGT can help you expand your range and your business by giving you the flexibility to drive how you want on either side of the border. The speed limiter is also a game changer for the fleet owner; if you’re worried about fuel economy, the speed limiter gives you the ability to regulate your fleet’s speeds, which can decrease your fuel consumption considerably. You’ll be able to download time-stamped logs upon the unit’s return, which allows you to monitor your employees’ driving habits.

And the HDGT does more than just adjust your speed limiter. You can monitor your rig using its integrated gauges and automatic safety warnings, keeping you informed and preventing expensive damage to your truck. These warnings are also audible so you don’t have to glue your eyes to the screen. Simply set up your warning levels and the HDGT will warn you with an on-screen alert and an audible beep, keeping your truck safe and your eyes on the road!

There are many different reasons why you may want to adjust your rig’s speed limiter, even if it’s just making sure you stay under the speed limit on your regular route, and the HDGT is just the tool for the job. The HDGT comes with so many useful features in addition to the speed limiter, installs easily and quickly and can pay for itself effortlessly in fuel savings alone, so it’s an easy decision to make: get an HDGT and save yourself time and money today!

Press Release provided by Bully Dog

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Gauge Tuner Helps to Diagnose Problems

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Bully Dog’s Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (HDGT) and Heavy Duty WatchDog

(HDWD) put you right where you want to be: in control.

Do you dread the check engine light? It can put you behind schedule and cause you all kinds of financial problems. Bully Dog can relieve some of that stress by helping you diagnose the trouble code causing your check engine light yourself, with your HDGT or HDWD. No more waiting (or paying) to understand what your rig is trying to tell you or wondering if it’s something to worry about! After a quick read, it’s easy to make the call yourself or give your carrier the information they need to make an informed decision.

With Bully Dog the control is yours; don’t overlook this handy little feature of your HDGT or HDWD. Don’t have one yet? What’s with the waiting? Start saving time AND money today at

Press release provided by Bull Dog

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