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Rains Slow Shipments of Southern California Strawberries

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Southern California has escaped the soggy weather compared to other parts of the state, despite periods of heavy rain.

The California Strawberry Commission of Watsonville estimates farms in Ventura County suffered 300 acres of catastrophic losses. Statewide, the losses were 1,840 acres.

The Oxnard district expects 6,358 acres of strawberries this season, an increase of 408 acres compared to 2022.

Naturipe Farms LLC of Salinas, CA notes rains put a damper on early season loadings, which will result in fewer shipments than normal for Valentine’s Day. However, long term, the rainfall should help with plant health, which will lead to improved production and quality. Excellent fruit quality, size and flavor are expected.

Naturipe plans on more volume this year due to slightly more acreage planted than last year.

Oxnard, Calif.-based Bobalu Berries of Oxnard, CA doesn’t plan to ship many berries from its Oxnard or Santa Maria growing areas until at least the end of February. Currently the company is relying on product coming out of Mexico right now.

Well-Pict Inc. of Watsonville, CA also had fewer shipments in January, but in spite of all the rain, the outlook was improving.

The company lost three weeks of production out of Oxnard but was able to pick up much of the slack from its grower in Florida. A good season out of Southern California as planting picks up. Well-Pick is predicting large-size fruit, good volume and good quality.

Seven Seas Fruit of Visalia, CA is part of the Tom Lange Co. of St. Louis and currently has acreage planted in Santa Maria and Lompoc, CA. The company anticipates a mid-March start to the season in those areas.Seven Seas Fruit also is sourcing some fruit from Mexico.

Gem-Pack of Irvine, CA reports volume of conventional and organic strawberries should be up this season compared to last year.

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California Strawberries are Past Peak Volume, but Good Volume Still Remains

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Plenty of quality California strawberries remain for shipping to retail and foodservice companies entering the last half of summer.

Well-Pict Inc. Watsonville, CA came off seven weeks of peak loadings the second week of July when it was estimated to be picking over 100,000 packages a day. Needles too say, volume has been excellent.

The company will be shipping good supplies of strawberries from Watsonville into mid September, although production will be tapering between now and then.

Bobalu Berries of Oxnard, CA will have a fall strawberries in Oxnard for the first time this year.

Oxnard kicks in early September and will complement the Santa Maria crop. This means the company will more late-season fruit at a time strawberry volume tends to drop.

Strawberry taste, size and quality have been good this summer for Gem-Pack Berries LLC, of Irvine, CA. It has been shipping medium and large sized berries.

As of July 9, California growers had shipped nearly 128 million trays of strawberries this year, according to the Watsonville-based California Strawberry Commission. That’s an increase from 112.3 million trays at the same time last year and 121.8 million trays in 2020.

Last year’s total volume was 212.8 million trays, up from 210.2 million in 2020.

Wish Farms of Plant City, FL ships summer berries from Salinas, which includes conventional and organic strawberries.

The company reports good quality this season with high sweetness levels and good flavor and sizing.

It also reports the costs of trucks to deliver products alone has dropped a little but remains 30% higher or more than past seasons.

Loads which were shipping for $5,000 before now are shipping for $8,000.

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Strong Strawberry Volume Continues

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Heavy volume strawberry shipments continue from California following the Mother’s Day holiday and the trend is continuing this week as strong demand from retail sales continues.

In fact strawberry loadings are increasing this week from the Salinas/Watsonville are and are expected to continue at a similar pace next week, before showing a decline prior to Memorial Day, May 23 – 27. Quality is reported to be excellent with 90 to 95% color.

Shipments out of Santa Maria, CA, are increasings thanks to warm weather, Good quality is reports, although some “green shoulders” is being reported.

In seasonal decline, Oxnard, CA, strawberry shipments are all but finished as the season concludes. Quality is reported to be only fair, with some bruising.

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Naturipe’s California Strawberry Supply Hits Peak Shipments

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Salinas, CA – Naturipe’s California strawberries are in peak production with the high-quality and flavorful berries consumers expect from Naturipe. Peak volumes are starting now and expected to last through June.

This season, Naturipe Farms is set to have its highest volumes of strawberries, as all California regions are in full production. Oxnard, Santa Maria, and Watsonville-Salinas are producing at peak volumes with great quality and supplies. We have a mix of proprietary and U.C. varieties to bring our customers the best of both worlds!

“This year’s California strawberry crop is peaking just in time for National Strawberry Month. We are seeing great quality and delicious flavor on these sweet and juicy berries. We are thrilled to be offering strong promotable volumes heading into May,” said Jerry Moran, Vice President of Sales for Naturipe.

About Naturipe:

Naturipe is a farmer-owned producer and marketer of nutritious, best tasting, premium berries and avocados that has been an industry leader for more than 100 years

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Merger Allows Strawberry Shippers More Volume

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Gem-Pack Berries LLC of Irvine, CA and and Red Blossom Sales Inc. of Salinas, CA merged last October and combined the companies now has about 5,000 acres of strawberries in Florida, Mexico and California, as well as raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. 

Gem-Pack reports the expansion now allows year around shipments of berries with the ability to continue growing.

During the next three months, strawberry shipments will be heavy, creating more opportunities to work on branding with retailers.  

The company is a major shipper of strawberries. It will increase strawberry volume by 15 percent this year. Although, it has a few new items.

It is shipping pineberries out of Florida, as well as new blackberry varieties from Mexico. The company also added raspberries to its product line.

The company also offers organic strawberries out of Baja, Mexico, and Watsonville, CA.

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California Shippers Gearing Up for Peak Strawberry Volume

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Shipments of California strawberries continue to increase this month building towards a peak in April.

Well-Pict Berries of Watsonville, CA grows its Southern California strawberry varieties on approximately 1,200 acres in Oxnard, CA because the coastline provides moderate temperatures and a 12-month growing season. 

Shipments both conventional and organic berries are expected to be similar to recent years, Well-Pict reports. Peak loadings begin towards the end of March, beginning of April.

Naturipe Farms of Salinas, CA has increased strawberry acreage in Oxnard and additional acreage throughout the company’s main growing regions in California. It’s Southern California shipments will peak in April.

While the company will have its best volume in spring, it also expects good volumes of fresh strawberries throughout the year.

Naturipe has increased its organic strawberries acreage this year over 20 percent.

Naturipe is promoting bigger packs of strawberries this year to help counter higher freight rates. By shipping 2-pound packs, the company can get 14 percent more weight on a truck versus the 1-pound pack.

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California Giant Berry Farms Strawberry Shipments 15% Ahead of Last Season

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Strawberry shipments are about 15% ahead of where it was this time last at California Giant Berry Farms, based in Watsonville, CA.

The growing/shipping operation also has a year-round supply of sustainably grown fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

California Giant Berry Farms expects to begin peak strawberry shipments from its Southern California ranches in late March. Oxnard began picking strawberries the first week of January will quickly ramp up it approaches peak volume in March.

The Santa Maria spring crop began harvest the second week of January and will double in volume week after week through March.

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Good Fall Volume is Seen for California Strawberry Shipments

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While strawberries may be seen more as a summer shipping item, good fall volume is seen for the months ahead.

Nearly 25 percent of total California fresh strawberry shipments in 2020 were shipped from September through December, according to USDA figures.

As of August 8, fresh strawberry shipments from California had totaled 137.7 million crates, down from 145.4 million crates the same time last year, but similar to 137.1 million trays two years ago. At the same time in 2020, about 31% of the of 210-million-crate 2020 crop remained to be shipped.

California fresh strawberry volume was running at 5.9 million crates for the week ending August 7.

Well- Pict of Watsonville, CA reports hot weather in the West has not affected strawberry production as much it may have had an effect on other crops. The weather in California strawberry growing regions had not been a hot as in other growing areas with the exception of a short hot period in May. Watsonville fields have been producing a steady crop of good color, size and tasting strawberries that is expected to continue into the later parts of October.

That crop will then be supplemented by Well-Pict’s summer-planted crop in Oxnard.

The California Strawberry Commission of Watsonville projected weekly volume in the fall period of summer-planted strawberries, grown in Santa Maria and Oxnard, is expected to be up about 5% compared with 2020. California’s total fresh shipments for the 2021 season will fall somewhere between the 202-million-crate crop in 2019 and 210 million crates packed in 2020.

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Spring California Strawberry Shipments Expected to be Big Again this Year

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2021 is shaping up to be a big for California strawberries, with total
strawberry acreage for pegged at 36,487 acres.

The California Strawberry Commission’s acreage survey, released in December, shows acreage planted in the fall, which produces fruit during the traditional winter, spring and summer seasons, reported at 28,407 acres, up 5.7% compared to a year ago.

The Salinas-Watsonville district accounts for 43% of the state’s winter/spring/summer acreage, compared with 36% for Santa Maria, 20% for Oxnard and just 1% for Orange County/San Diego/Coachella.

California strawberry shipments are expected to peak in early May, with the state’s shippers projected to ship 10 million or more trays in a week.

While 10 million trays per week are seen for early May, the commission expects 9 to 10 million trays weekly for several weeks.

About 15% of California’s strawberry output is exported.

Total California organic strawberry acreage reported for 2021 is 4,684 acres, which is about 12.8% of total state acreage. Organic output reached a record in 2020, and acreage for 2021 is about the same as a year ago.

California strawberry acreage planted in the summer of 2021, which will produce during the fall season, is projected at 8,080 acres, according to the report. All of the summer planted acreage is in Oxnard and Santa Maria.


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California Summer Strawberry Shipments Looking Strong

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California strawberry shippers had shipped 121.8 million trays of the fruit by mid July, up from 112.2 million trays last year at the same time, but down from the 128 million trays shipped in 2018, according to the California Strawberry Commission.

Well-Pict Inc. of Watsonville, CA reports the season peaked around July 1, although plenty of berries remain.

Strawberry shipments were strong in part due to a shorter-than-usual early-season crops of some other summer fruits such as watermelons and cherries. Since then increased volume from watermelons and cherries as well as other summer fruits like peaches, plums, nectarines and grapes, strawberry are providing more competition. 

Watsonville-Salinas strawberry loadings are seasonally declining and Well-Pict will pick up its new fall strawberry crop out of Oxnard from mid-September through mid-November.

Bobalu Berries of Oxnard is gearing up to kick off its fall crop from Santa Maria. The grower-shipper loads out of an area that is actually north of the main Santa Maria growing region in a coastal location similar to Salinas.

Picking should start this week and continue until early November.

Salinas Valley berries and vegetables – grossing about $5700 to Chicago.

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