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Eastern U.S. Produce Shipments

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Even in the midst of winter when produce loading opportunities in most areas of the country are nothing to get excited about, Florida still offers the best opportunities, at least in the Eastern time zone.

Some things never change, and multiple pick ups and drops is the norm. There’s a tremendous variety of produce for hauling in Florida, but none of the items are in big volume.

Imports from around the world continue to increase and south Florida ports are beneficiaries. Boats frequently arrive with containers from Chile to Peru, Guatemala, Central America, Brazil and the Caribbean.

Domestic loadings of dozens of vegetables are available, mostly out of Central and Southern Florida. Mature green and grape tomatoes are probably the heaviest volume items offering around 700 truck load equivalents per weeks. After this there is much lighter volume with items ranging from cabbage, to squash, peas and citrus, among numerous others.

South Georgia has light loadings of cabbage, carrots, sweet corn and greens. The Port of Savannah is becoming a bigger player with produce imports.

However, the ports of Philadelphia and Wilmington, NC are much higher volume ports handling imports from countries such as Chile, Peru, Italy, Brazil and Ecuador.

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A National Produce Shipping Smorgasbord

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DSCN7132Here’s a smorgasbord of produce loading opportunities from around the nation ranging from Michigan to Missouri, the east coast, Idaho and the southwest.

Michigan Produce Shipments

There is light to moderate shipments of summer vegetables coming out of Michigan, primarily in the western half of the state.  Cucumbers are one of the heavier volume items, but it is still only about 200 truck loads per week.  Other items range from squash to celery.  Blueberry shipments continue to increase in volume, while sweet corn is just getting started.  Peach loadings will be down significantly this season.

Michigan blueberries and vegetables – grossing about $850 to Chicago.

Midwest Produce Shipments

Watermelon shipments are your best bet here.  In the boot heel of Southeastern Missouri, about a 1,000 truckloads of watermelons were loaded last week, and volume is still increasing….Meanwhile, southwestern Indiana and southeastern Illinois watermelon shipments are very light and it will be another two weeks before substantial volume is available.

Missouri watermelons – grossing about $1500 to Chicago.

Eastern Produce Shipments

In New Jersey, peach loadings are just getting underway, while the blueberry season is coming to an end….New York state is starting to wake up with items ranging from Hudson Valley sweet corn to cucumbers picking up in August….Watermelon loadings should be moving into decent volume in a couple of weeks from Delaware, Maryland and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Idaho Potato Shipments

Idaho continues to ship potatoes from the 2015-16 crop.  The state is moving nearly 1,900 truckload equivalents weekly.  Potato loadings are relatively light by comparison from other states.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $5000 to New York City.

New Mexico Onion Shipments

Onion shipments are available from the southern part of the state and averaging around 750 truckloads per week….Across the state line in the Hereford, Tx area, potato shipments are moving into good volume with the new crop.  Shippers are still trying to sell some of the old crop, which increases your chances of quality problems at destination.

New Mexico onions – grossing about $3400 to Atlanta.

Now wasn’t this a smorgasbord?



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