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Desert Vegetable Shipments Getting Off to a Slow Start

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Modern popular models of heavy trucks are shades of blue in a row on a truck stop for drivers’ rest and refueling of vehicles for the further movement for delivery commercial goods in accordance with the schedule drawn up and route

Near perfect growing conditions have been going on in the desert areas of California and Arizona. The Yuma, AZ forecast has highs in the low to mid 70s going well into December. If this continues there should be good, steady lettuce shipments with nice quality.

Coastline Family Farms of Salinas, CA launched its iceberg lettuce season in Yuma the first week of November, but other commodities, including broccoli, cauliflower, mixed leaf, romaine, green leaf and red leaf did not in Salinas until the last few days. The company gets started in the Brawley, CA the week of November 30th.

Boskovich Farms Inc. of Oxnard, CA will ship lettuce out of Yuma, as well as Oxnard this winter, but just about all of its other winter commodities will continue to be shipped exclusively from Oxnard.

The shipper grows green onions, radishes, leeks, beets, kales and Brussels sprouts in Mexico starting in November but will ship them from Oxnard.

Organic greens such as chards, kale and celery are grown in San Luis, Mexico, just south of Yuma.

The company’s Yuma iceberg lettuce program will kicked off the week of November 16 and continues through March.

Boskovich Farms will grow and ship celery, cabbages, romaine lettuce, napa, bok choy, parsleys, cilantro and spinach in Oxnard.

The company reports there will be a bit of a gap in November when Salinas is ending and before the desert gets fully geared.

the week of Oct. 18, which will run th

Peter Rabbit Farms of Coachella, CA, started its bell pepper and leaf lettuce in October and will continue through Christmas. The operation reports a few more green and red bell peppers this season. This will be the first year for its lettuce crop, so supplies are expected to be tight.

North Shore Greenhouses Inc., Thermal, CA is at it busiest time of year with its Roasting Mix which is a blend of rosemary, sage and thyme.

Prime Time International of Coachella, CA started harvest of green bell peppers, eggplant and chili peppers in the desert in October, while beans got underway the first week of November, followed by red bell peppers a couple of weeks later.

The company also started its hothouse production of red, yellow and orange bell peppers in Jalisco, Mexico, and began harvesting elongated red, yellow and orange bell peppers in Vizcaino in Baja California.

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Allen Lund Company’s 16th Year With Navidad en el Barrio

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The Allen Lund Company has committed to sponsorship and participation in Navidad en el Barrio, an organization established in 1972 by Danny Villanueva, former NFL player, to provide a healthy Christmas dinner to the most underserved families in Southern California. This will be ALC’s 16th year supporting this event. This year due to the pandemic, distributing Christmas dinners to 10,000 families is the goal with all of the proper protocols in place.

“We look forward to working with Navidad en el Barrio every year”, commented Nora Trueblood, director of marketing for the Allen Lund Company. “This year has been challenging to make sure that the warehouse and distribution processes all meet COVID-19 protocols but we will ensure that the communities of Southern California will have plentiful dinners to feed their families this Christmas.”

The Allen Lund Company coordinates transportation for perishables from growers to Southern California. Depending upon the size and location of the donation, ALC will combine products in the most efficient way to move to Los Angeles, where the donations are divided for the Christmas dinners.

Over the years, Grimmway Enterprises, Inc., Wada Farms Marketing Group, LLC, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Mission Produce, Inc., Rainer Fruit Co., and so many other companies have joined ALC in the effort to give the least served in Southern California a proper Christmas dinner. Donations will be accepted the week of December 7th and the dinners distributed Saturday, December 12, 2020.

If you have an interest in participating in this event contact Nora Trueblood at 800.475.5863 or if you would like to donate, click here. Donate

About Allen Lund Company:

Specializing as a national third-party transportation broker with nationwide offices and over 550 employees, the Allen Lund Company works with shippers and carriers across the nation to arrange dry, refrigerated (specializing in produce), and flatbed freight; additionally, the Allen Lund Company has a logistics and software division, ALC Logistics, and an International Division licensed by the FMC as an OTI-NVOCC #019872NF. If you are interested in joining the Allen Lund Company team, please click here.

Established in 1976, the Allen Lund Company was recognized by Food Logistics magazine as a 2019 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Provider for TransKool Solutions, Logistics Tech Outlook for our software division ALC Logistics as a 2018 Top 10 Freight Management Solution Providers, 2018 Food Logistics’ Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers list, 2017 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Top 100, 2017 Food Logistics 100+ Top Software and Tech Provider, a 2016 Top IT Provider by Inbound Logistics, 2015 Coca-Cola Challenger Carrier of the Year, 2015 Top Private Company in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Business Journal, 2015 Top 100+ Software and Technology Providers, 2015 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider by Inbound Logistics, a 2014 Great Supply Chain Partner, and was placed in Transport Topics’ “2014 Top 25 Freight Brokerage Firms.” The company manages over 365,000 loads annually, and received the 2013 “Best in Cargo Security Award.” In 2011, the company received the TIA 3PL Samaritan Award, and NASTC (National Association of Small Trucking Companies) named Allen Lund Company the 2010 Best Broker of the Year. More information is available at

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Chilean and Peruvian Fruit Imports Should be Good over Winter

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A fully stocked cargo ship heading out to sea.

Forever Fresh of Wilimington, DL reports anticipating good volumes of Chilean cherries and stone fruit as well as Peruvian grapes this season.

The importer notes its first two Chilean fruits this season are cherries and stone fruit and are looking “pretty good.” The Chilean cherry season is underway, and Chile’s total exports are expected to increase. The stone fruit season has just started.

Chile-based Garcés fruit – an owner of Forever Fresh is one of the world’s largest cherry exporters. It has been shipping steady volumes into the U.S. over at least a decade. The company may see a gradual increase in shipments to the U.S. as Garcés’ new plantings come into production, but there may not be a rise in total volumes from Chile despite an expected production increase of up to 15 percent. This is because the volumes out of Chile to the U.S. have been decreasing every year, with the volumes increasing in Chile.

The additional volume probably will be exported to Asia rather than coming to the U.S.

The stone fruit harvest started in mid-November, with the first arrivals in the U.S. set for early December. Additionally, there will be larger volumes of newer varieties – especially of plums and nectarines – from trees planted in Chile over the past five to six years.

The Peruvian grape season is underway, with expectations of a significant increase in volume over last year. There will be an increase in total production in Peru, although it will vary between different areas, but in general expectations are for around a 20 percent increase.

Forever Fresh’s first containers of Peruvian grapes arrived in mid-November, with the peak season set to begin in December.

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Port Manatee Container Imports to Rise Due to Fresh Produce

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Containerized cargo business at Port Manatee in Palmetto, FL has rose at a record pace, in part due to fruit imports.

The port posted a 55 percent increase as the fiscal year ended in September, with an all-time high of 88,466 twenty-foot equivalent container units (TEUs). The previous fiscal year saw 57,239 TEUs, which was also a huge increase, at almost a 50 percent increase.

“With container throughput more than doubling over the course of just two years, Port Manatee is increasingly fulfilling regional consumer demands for goods ranging from fresh produce to appliances,” Carlos Buqueras, Port Manatee’s executive director, said in a news release. “As our dockside container yard expansion project advances toward mid-2021 completion, Port Manatee is positioning to continue to efficiently handle rapidly growing cargo volumes.”

The container yard expansion will nearly double the current 10-acre paved area.

The port’s container trade is being driven by growth of World Direct Shipping, which imports produce and other goods from Mexico since 2014, and Fresh Del Monte Produce Co., which has been importing fruit from Latin America for decades through the port.

Priscilla Whisenant Trace, chairwoman of the Manatee County Port Authority, said the port’s latest cargo cargo increases, happened as the port implemented enhanced health and safety measures because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We commend the men and women who are maintaining essential operations at Port Manatee, serving consumers of Southwest Florida and beyond,” she said in the release. “Sustained growth of Port Manatee’s container trade is a testament to success of our diverse strategy, with key infrastructure investments poised to facilitate even greater cargo activity and deliver still more positive socioeconomic impacts throughout our region.” 

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Peruvian Table Grape Exports Forecast to Increase 2 Percent

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Peruvian table grape exports should increase 2 percent for the 2021 season compared to a year ago, according to a projection by the USDA. This would place exports at 412,000 metric tons (MT).

This is a contrast to estimates from the Peruvian table grape association Provid in October forecasting exports would rise by 16 percent to 56 million box equivalents to 8.2 kilos, which would be 426,000MT.

The USDA reports the U.S. was the top export destination in the 2019 calendar year, accounting for 38 percent of total exports. Other markets are the Netherlands and Hong Kong with 15 and 10 percent of the export market share, respectively.

Fresh table grapes are one of the top produce exports by value for Peru and 2020 export value expected to reach $1 billion.

Peruvian grape exports to the U.S. peak in December and January due to seasonally higher prices. Between October 2019 and March 2020, Peru became the leading grape supplier to China accounting for 48 percent of market share. Total table grape production in Peru is forecast to reach 665,000 MT in 2020/2021 (October-September), a two percent increase over the previous year.

Favorable weather conditions, good water supply and growing demand are driving this increase. Peru has a dry coast with a range of temperatures and over 12 hours of sunlight per day, year-round, which makes it an ideal region for grape production. These conditions combined with precision irrigation enables Peru to mature vines 55 percent faster than in neighboring countries, the USDA report said.

Grape production is mainly located in Ica (41 percent) and Piura (22 percent), and the total area under cultivation is estimated at 31,500 hectares. Harvesting season in Peru begins in late October and ends in April. The Red Globe variety dominates production, as it remains popular in the growing Chinese market. However, producers are shifting toward higher value varieties to supply other markets.

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Pistachio Shipments Could Hit Record Volume Between Now and Summer

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Record pistachio shipments are expected to take place starting this fall.

The American Pistachio Growers of Fresno, CA believe the current harvest could hit the one billion-pound mark for the first time in California.

An advertising campaign focuses on pistachios as a “complete protein,” joining the ranks of plant proteins that include quinoa, chickpeas and soybeans that are popular among vegetarians and consumers wishing to move away from animal proteins, according to a news release.

Beginning in mid-November and continuing through next summer, ads will appear in 44 U.S. television markets. American Pistachio Growers is sponsoring New Year’s Eve countdowns in Las Vegas and Dallas.

Pistachios rank sixth in terms of value among California commodities, at $1.94 billion, according to 2019 data from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and are the second in export commodities, at $1.1 billion.

A Rabobank report projects bearing pistachio acreage could reach 372,000 acres by 2024-25, a 30 percent increase from the most recent season.

American Pistachio Growers represents more than 800 growers and processors in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

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Refrigerated Truck Rates Hit All-Time High on Spot Market

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September spot refrigerated truckload rates hit an all-time high, according to  Portland, Ore.-based DAT Freight & Analytics.

“We’re seeing strong volumes across equipment types as the economy continues to recover, particularly in areas related to consumer spending,” Ken Adamo, chief of analytics at DAT, said in the release. “Spot market rates just keep climbing as companies turn to the spot market to help them manage imbalances in their supply chains.”

Spot reefer volumes fell for the third month in a row, down 1.3 percent month over month, according to DAT. However, DAT said the national average reefer load-to-truck ratio was 9.7 in September, more than five times higher than April’s record low of 1.7 loads per truck.


The DAT Truckload Volume Index, a measure of dry van, reefer and flatbed loads moved by truckload carriers, rose 6.1 percent from last month and was 13 percent higher than September 2019.

The national average spot reefer rate was $2.57 per mile, up 13 cents compared to August, and 41 cents higher year-over-year.

DAT’s outlook indicated:

  • Grocery store chains are adjusting their lean-inventory strategies and have begun stockpiling for a possible surge of COVID-19 cases in the fall and winter;
  • The holiday shopping season will start earlier and last longer to accommodate shifting demand from consumers;
  • The accelerated inventory build-ups add yet another dimension to an already disjointed freight market, as manufacturers work to avoid the inventory failures seen in March this year;
  • DAT’s September FMIC Pulse Signal report forecasts that year-over-year changes in active contract rates will continue to remain below 2019 levels through the end of the year, but average contract rates forecast to increase in the first half of 2021; and
  • The amount of freight moving on the spot market in August increased by 80 percent year over year.

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Imports of Chilean Blueberries Should be Similar to Last Season

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A good season for Chilean blueberry production and exports to the U.S. through the winter months is anticipated by industry observers.

 Last Land Farms SA reports the U.S. market continues to be a major market of the Chilean “blues”, and volume should be similar to the 2019-20 season.

The Chilean Blueberry Committee estimates fresh exports for the current season at 111,500 tons, very close in volume to 2019-20 and 2 percent higher than the previous season.

For 2019-20, Chile’s peak volume months for blueberry shipments to the U.S. were December, January and February. Chilean exporters sent about one third (32 percent) of the country’s annual shipments by value to the U.S. in January last season, followed by February (27 percent) and December (23 percent).

Total Chilean blueberry exports to the U.S. in the 2019-20 season (September 2019 through August 2020) were valued at $209.7 million, off from $269.9 million the previous season and down nearly $110 million from 2017-18.

Chile’s share of total U.S. blueberry imports was 24 percent in 2019, down from 33 percent in 2018 and 44 percent in 2015. 
Peru has seen its share of value of U.S. blueberry imports grow from 9 percent in 2015 to 41 percent in 2019.

ACF Global Sourcing reports its fresh blueberry season should be around 112,000 tons, but if markets during the last weeks of December, January and February show unexpected returns and those are favorable, the total exports could increase 5 to 10 percent. The company has about 15,000 to 20,000 tons which could go to either fresh or frozen depending on markets.


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Honduras loses Half of Banana Production Due to Hurricane Eta

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An estimated that around 20,000 acres of banana plantations have been lost in Honduras due to flooding from Hurricane Eta. The estimate would represent about half of the total acres in the Central American country, which bore much of the brunt of the recent storm.

The storm came amid one of the most severe Atlantic hurricane seasons on record and caused widespread damage to the region. One banana grower estimated it was the largest damage in history for bananas. It is estimated at least 16,000 direct jobs are at risk in the Honduran banana industry and the volume of fruit exported will decrease. The most affected areas in the country is Olanchito, which sits along the Aguán River.

One of the banks of the river overflowed and resulted in a total loss for the Standard Fruit Company of 4950 acres of bananas. The Agriculture Ministry said that there was also severe damage to the production of corn, sugar, and rice. With dropping flood waters hundreds of thousands of households, businesses and farmers across the country are beginning to count the damage.

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