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Florida Tomato Shipments are Increasing After Rocky Start

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DSCN2886Florida always has light produce volume in the fall and the winter, but the Sunshine state’s  produce loads has been even lighter this year.  After a tumultuous fall which brought lighter shipments with central Florida’s tomatoes, volume is finally, a long last, picking up.  Still, don’t expect spring like volumes.

Yet, the higher volume has actually led to some rate increases.

Florida tomato shipments out of Immokalee have been just okay in terms of quality, but apparently have looked pretty good compared to the early stuff out of the Palmetto-Ruskin area.

Heavy August and September rains stunted yields and certainly did not help the quality in the early fall.  As late fall growing conditions become more favorable with moderated temperatures and lower humidity levels, volume and loading opportunties  showed some improvement.

Fall tomato shipments yields were down 30 to 70 percent  from normal depending on plantings, but the Palmetto-Ruskin region has been increasing.

The quality of the central Florida mature green tomatoes is reported good and Florida is now entering the time of year — early winter is when you should be hauling the best quality tomatoes that have been available in awhile.

Central Florida usually starts in early October with grape and cherry tomatoes and begins harvesting mature-greens by early November.

Central Florida freight rates have increased 10 to 15 percent  to places such as New York, Philly and Boston due to increasing volume with tomatoes, strawberries out of Plant City and exisiting light production of veggies.

Central Florida produce – grossing about $3000 to New York City.


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Texas Oranges, Grapefruit Moving into Volume; Florida Tomato Loadings are Down

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IMG_6428Texas citrus shipments from the Lower Rio Grande Valley have moved into good volume…..In Florida, tomato loadings are underway, but will not hit decent volume until the end of November.

In Texas, there has been a major change in citrus shipping.   Paramount Citrus of Delano, CA has acquired Rio Queen Inc. in Mission, TX and Healds Valley Farms Inc. in nearby Edinburg.

As a result, Paramount Citrus now owns 10,000 acres in the valley, plus is handling sales and marketing for 40 growers with another 10,000 acres.

About 60 to 70 percent of the Lower Rio Grande Valley citrus shipments this season will be through Paramount Citrus.  Consolidations in south Texas have been occurring for the past 25 years.  There are now just a handful or so companies that both grow and ship their own citrus.

About 85 percent of the valley’s citrus shipments are with grapefruit, with the balance being in oranges.  Total citrus shipments from south Texas this season are expected to be slightly below that of a year ago, but still will be a good sized crop.

South Texas Citrus, plus Mexican produce – grossing about $2300 to Chicago.

Florida Tomato Shipments

Due to heavy September rains, Florida mature green tomato shipments will be down by about 25 percent  from the Homestead and Palmetto-Ruskins areas.  Loadings also are taking place later than normal this year.  Shipments typically start in late October and hit volume in mid-November.  This year, however, volume shipments are not expected to begin until late November.  Florida tomatoes are shipped in 25-pound cartons.

South Florida produce shipments – grossing about $2400 to New York City.


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