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Georgia Ports Announce New Savannah Transload Facility

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As part of Georgia Ports’ expansion plans, with more than $1.8 billion in improvements underway, the organization has announced the construction of the new Savannah Transload Facility.

The new facility will be located just one mile away from Garden City Terminal, the largest single-operator container facility in North America.

This 300,000-square-foot transload warehouse will open in July 2023 and will be operated by NFI Industries, a distribution solutions leader.

The authority has indicated that initially, the new facility will be able to handle more than 400 containers a day, totaling more than 150,000 containers a year. 

“Cargo moving through the Savannah Transload Facility will start its inland trek to stores and distribution centers faster, saving customers time,” said Georgia Ports in the announcement. 

During a video announcement of the new facility, Griff Lynch, Executive director of Georgia Ports said: “If we are going to grow big successfully, the entire supply needs to be ramped up together, and that’s what this building is all about.”

Earlier this year, Georgia Ports Authorities had announced a $170 million investment for 55 hybrid-engine rubber-tired gantry cranes to outfit the Port of Savannah’s Ocean Terminal, as it is redeveloped into an all-container facility.

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Updates on Imported Fruit from Chile and Peru

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002Wintertime South American imports are underway ranging from Chilean blueberries to Peruvian fruit.

Chilean blueberry imports have started, but the first volume of containers by boat will not arrove until late December.  Chilean blueberry imports typically occur from November through March.

U.S. imports of Chilean blueberries are expected to range between six and 18 percent more than the 2014-15 season.  Last season Chile exported about 101.4 million tons of fresh blueberries, of which 67 percent were sent to the U.S. and Canadian markets.  U.S. imports of Chilean fresh blueberries totaled 63.1 million tons in 2014-15, up from 49,7 million tons in 2013-2014.

Peruvian Grape Imports
Imported seeded grapes from Peru are arriving in volume at ports on the East Coast.  Peruvian red grapes are said to have better quality than green grapes this season.  California grape shipments are winding down this month.
Peruvian Avocado Imports
The Port of Savannah has added Peruvian avocados to its expanding portfolio of perishable goods.   Importing avocados through Savannah is a first for the avocado industry   Savannah allows faster  access to receivers in the Southeast. Peruvian imports occur from May through September. Savannah’s Garden City Terminal offers 94 refrigerated container racks and 733 chassis plug-ins, powering 2,989 refrigerated boxes at a time.  Another 10 racks will be complete by the end of the year, adding 240 slots for perishable goods.The Georgia Ports Authority moved nearly 140,000 20-foot equivalent container units of refrigerated cargo in fiscal year 2015.  The GPA anticipates a 4.5 percent growth rate of refrigerated cargo in the next year.

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