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Adolf Hitler, Socialism and History Repeating Itself

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By Larry Oscar

IMG_6364With the end of winter, thank God for global warming,  We can expect an increase in stupid behavior.

Now most of us old timers know the best place to enjoy the show will be lake area boat launching ramps. Nothing like sitting back in the warm sun with a cold beer and taking in the show.  Interesting thing is how regardless of how many times you tell folks what they need to do before they put their boat in the water they never listen and learn.  It must be something in the human mind that turns off their common sense, or maybe they never had any to start with.

Physics is the study of matter and energy and the interaction between them.  Merely by observing, we have been able to develop the mathematics of a great deal of the universe.  It has been amazing to me how much of the interactions in the universe we can now accurately predict.  Yet we cannot predict, with any mathematical certainty, most of human behavior.  There are several psychologists who have sophisticated theories on human behavior, but none seem to work better than good old common sense.

For example: Water flows downhill because it takes the path of least resistance.  So does electricity, and so do humans for the most part.  Even though humans are supposed to have enough intelligence to stop and reason things out, they seldom do.  This behavior is observed in governments, businesses, and in our personal lives. Why is that governments continue to spend beyond their means when they are warned the day of reckoning down the road will be much more painful than dealing with the problem today?

Why is it people will let their business deteriorate to the point it collapses before they pull their head out and change course?  The old saying that if you don’t learn from history then you are doomed to repeat it is taking place right before our eyes.

My parents grew up in the Great Depression and spent their young adult years in the shadow of World War II.  They saw the National Socialist German Workers Party (The Nazi Party) lead by Adolf Hitler rise to power in Germany.  Germany was a left wing socialist nation lead by a man most consider pure evil.  Adolf Hitler’s belief system was also developed in the aftermath of World War I.

Funny how you won’t hear that from the left wing Democrats that are spewing the so called values of socialism today.  An absolute fact they won’t ever mention.  Adolf Hitler used a from of deception and promotion of the seven deadly sins to sway the German people to support him to the point of idol worship.  The lessons learned then that helped guide my parents throughout their lives are not part of our modern culture today.  My parents worked hard to instill the values of freedom, individual responsibility, and capitalism into their offspring.

Today we are facing a generation who has not been exposed to the human destruction and misery that socialism brings with it.  We are, in fact, repeating history.  Evil almost never confronts you head on.  Evil uses deception and works to promote the envy, lust, greed, sloth, gluttony, wrath, and pride in human nature to it’s advantage.

The leaders of nations and churches today, just like Nazi Germany then, are preaching the same things that Adolf Hitler preached to the German people during his rise to power.  And all you have to do is look at the votes these preachers of socialism get to see how the masses of stupid people are swallowing it hook line and sinker.  Frightening isn’t it.  And what makes it even more frightening is that many nations today have what Adolf Hitler’s war machine was trying to develop then. The atomic bomb.

We have spawned a crop of humanity that seems to inevitably march toward socialism with the capability to push a button and annihilate the entire human race.  What is surprising is how this year”s carnival of politicians lambast and berate each other and never point this out. The similarities between what happened almost one 100 years ago and what is happening today are obvious to any of us who are old enough to live between those turbulent times in world history.

“And you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.” Matt 24:6-7.

Larry Oscar is a graduate from the University of Tulsa and holds a degree in electrical engineering. He is retired and lives with his wife on a lake in Oklahoma where he brews his own beer, sails, and is a member of numerous clubs and organizations.

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Smoking Pot, LSD and Global Warming

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Sometimes you just have to wonder on what some people’s brain functions. In the 60’s most of us knew it was pot or some new form of LSD. What is it today that makes people ignore reality and be so willing to accept the “spin doctors’ dribble? I personally think some people just can’t deal with reality, so they fabricate a new fictional version of reality that satisfies them emotionally.

The  economic collapse was spun as a failure of “capitalism.” The reality is that it was a failure of a government socialistic attempt to manipulate the lending practices of banks and savings and loan institutions. As a result of the huge amount of subprime loans that were being made, the demand for homes rose. This increase in demand destabilized the market and sent the price of homes to ever higher and higher prices. You know… the law of supply and demand.

Then the first signs of a deep recession started to occur, and more and more subprime borrowers began to default on their loans as the economy worsened. Many banks and mortgage insurance corporations such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG were unable to survive due to the record number of subprime defaults.

This was forecasted as early as February of 2007. This should be no surprise to anyone that the subprime market started the loan defaults. After all, these are the same people who have a record of poor financial management, or else they would not have had a low credit score in the first place. And it should be no surprise that the unintended consequences of subprime lending such as loan derivatives, CDO’s, credit default swaps, hedge funds, massive housing speculation, risky home equity loans, overstated appraisals, zero down loans, and greedy bankers and politicians surfaced.

To make matters worse, it all could have been avoided if the government had kept it’s hands off of trying to social engineer our society. Now we have those same bleeding heart socialists trying to spin it as a fault of capitalism. Are there greedy people in banking and on Wall Street? Duh!

There are greedy people anywhere there is money and power, but even China requires 30% down on all home mortgage loans, and guess what? They don’t have a mortgage problem. In the wise words of Bill Shakespeare, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend, and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry”, Hamlet Act 1, scene 3. Don’t swallow what you hear like a fish rising to the bait.

Stop and think. Life is much easier when you do, and thus, many of life’s pitfalls can be avoided. The global warming claims by alarmists like Al Gore, and countless others, are another good example of this human phenomenon. For years we have been listening to “Brother Al” and his fish tell us that rich nations like the United States are the cause of the Earth’s “global warming.” And if we don’t tax our energy consumption and give the taxes to some poor country so they won’t cut down their trees, then we are all doomed.

And most of the same gullible people who swallow every word from these “Brother Al” types bought into it. Those of us with common sense know that the Earth has undergone a lot of climate changes. Just ask any geologist.  And the Earth’s climate will undoubtedly continue to change regardless of what mankind does. To help settle the issue Germany, Italy, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States put together a drilling project in Antarctica to determine what the Earth’s past climate changes were like, and possibly how fast the changes were.

The project is called “Andrill.” ( What they have  found is that the Earth has undergone multiple warming and cooling periods, and that the change can be very rapid. The Earth was so warm during these periods that Antarctica had abundant plant and warm water sea life with no ice covered glaciers. This has happened many times in Earth’s history. This has shocked many scientists who had swallowed Brother Al’s line of pseudoscience and expected a stable Antarctic climate until now.

Why, I’m shocked, aren’t you? I’m shocked that these scientists would jump to conclusions first, and then look for evidence to back up what they want to believe. We should never take ourselves too seriously. We have very little effect on the Universe and we really aren’t very important in the grand scheme of things. When we get so arrogant that we think we as humans rule the

World’s climate we need to get a grip. I think we watch too many science fiction movies. Changes in the economy, global climate, and almost every aspect of your life will occur.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said the only think constant is change. What is important is that you don’t panic and swallow some spin doctor’s fish bait. Relax, and take your big SUV for a Sunday drive around the lake. One good thing out of this is the fun we will have watching all of these left wing bozos eat crow.  — Larry Oscar

Larry Oscar is a graduate from the University of Tulsa and holds a degree in electrical engineering. He is retired and lives with his wife on a lake in Oklahoma where he brews his own beer, sails, and is a member of numerous clubs and organizations.

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