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KORU Apples Arriving at U.S. Ports for Distribution

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A26by New York Apple Sales

With New Zealand KORU® Apple harvest in full swing, KORU® Apple shipments began arriving at USA ports in mid April 13 and are now being distributed mostly by truck to markets across the nation.

The first commercial exports were shipped to the USA in 2013, making this the sixth year for KORU® Apples in the USA market.

Export volumes have been increasing annually, along with production, with this year’s New Zealand crop estimated to reach 180,000 Z-pack equivalents, or about 7.2 million pounds of KORU® Apples.

Andy McGrath, Variety Manager, says, “Being a new apple variety, many of the orchards have not yet reached maturity, so you can expect the volume of KORU® Apples to increase significantly over the next several years as these orchards come into full production. Also, USA plantings will produce good volumes from 2020, making KORU® an all-year-round apple.”

It’s a natural cross between Braeburn and Fuji, and is incredibly crisp, sweet and naturally delicious.

KORU® Apples have a unique orange/red coloring over a yellow background.

With a two-hemisphere production, KORU® growers provide you with the freshest apple possible. Coast to Coast Growers Coop in the USA joined the KORU® team in 2013 with growing regions in Washington State and New York State. New Zealand grown KORU® Apples are picked in March and sold in USA markets from May to September, followed by USA grown KORU® Apples picked in October and sold in USA markets from October to April. Andy McGrath assures consumers that, “Although KORU® Apples store extremely well, the two-hemisphere production means you won’t find a KORU® Apple in the markets over six months from its picking date.”

KORU® apples from New Zealand are sold exclusively in the US by three premier sales organizations. Chelan Fresh-Chelan, WA, Oneonta Star Ranch-Wenatchee, WA, and New York Apple Sales-Glenmont, NY.

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Washington State: Chelan Fresh & Borton Fruit Merge

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by Chelan Fresh

KoruChelan, Wash. – Chelan Fresh of Chelan, Wash., already one of the largest and most versatile apple, cherry and pear suppliers in the world, is merging with Borton Fruit of Yakima, Washington. The merger brings together two industry leading companies and 5 generations of farmers. Borton Fruit’s diverse production and innovative style joins the dynamic supplier base of Gebbers Farms, Crane & Crane and Chelan Fruit Cooperative in the marketing group. The addition of Borton Fruit brings an immediate 47 percent volume expansion to Chelan Fresh’s sales and marketing portfolio, including organic offerings, early-season cherries, innovative plantings and new proprietary apple varieties.

The partners in Chelan Fresh boast new and efficient production facilities and orchards. Together, the group has recently invested more than $235 million dollars in state-of-the-art packing facilities and technologies, new storage facilities, and production efficiencies. These investments, combined with more than 13,000 acres planted in young, high-density orchards with modern trellis systems, will drive innovation on a large scale. In addition, the group will become an industry leading producer of Honeycrisp apples.

Chelan Fresh will market the majority of the new fruit under the globally-recognized Trout label, which has long been associated with high-quality apples, pears and cherries. This marks the label’s largest brand expansion since the Trout label was first marketed in 1923. Chelan Fresh also markets the Cascade Crest Organic and the Chelan Fresh labels.

The combined marketing company will retain the Chelan Fresh name and operate from both Chelan and Yakima, Washington. Although the venture will officially begin on September 1, the sales and marketing teams are already working closely to bring immediate benefits to buyers.

Imported Koru Apples

Container shipments of New Zealand-grown Koru apples have started arriving at U.S. ports.

The Coast to Coast Growers Cooperative expects to receive 115,000-130,000 40-pound bushel equivalents of Koru throughout the import season — an increase of about 50% from 2016 — with shipments arriving weekly through the month of June.

The first shipments have already sold, but retailers can inquire with Glenmont, N.Y.-based New York Apple Sales, Wenatchee, Wash.-based Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers and Yakima, Wash.-based Borton Fruit about future shipments. Those suppliers comprise the cooperative.



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