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Maine Potato Shipments Could be Better than Usual this Season

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There’s good reason why Maine potatoes typically play second fiddle to midwestern and western potatoes, even though Maine is much closer to a huge portion of the nation’s population in the Northeastern and east coast markets. Potato shipping areas ranging from the Red River Valley to Idaho, Washington and California have better reputations for quality.

Can this year be different? Maine potato shipments are being touted by some as having more volume and better quality this season.

Cambridge Farms of South Easton, MA is a buying broker and shipper of potatoes that also has a branch office in Presque Ise, ME. The company is stating it believes this could be a year for Maine potato growers to “really showcase” their products, something they haven’t been able to do in recent years.

Maine potato shipments should continue into mid-March with lesser volume extending by some shippers into April.

Cambridge Farms has acknowledge the extensive penetration on the East Coast by Western potato producers at the expense note only Maine, Long Island, NY; and Virginia.

Maine Farmers Exchange, Presque Isle believes Maine potato shipments could receive a boost in demand because of smaller crops in Idaho and the Red River Valley.

While Maine ships primarily russets, it also has red, yellow and white potatoes.

While the russet burbank is grown mostly for processing in Maine, caribou russet can be used for processing and the fresh market.

About 50,000 acres of potatoes are planted in Maine, with about 30,000 acres producing potatoes for processers, McCains and Cavendish., The balance of the acreage divided among seed, chip stock and table stock.




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Looking at East Coast Produce Shipments from Maine to Georgia

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DSCN3245+1Relating to produce shipments originating on the East Coast this time of year, Florida deservedly is receiving the most attention as vegetable volume is rapidly increasing.  However, this is more of a report on other Eastern areas that are shipping.

If you want more info on Florida vegetable shipments, there have been a few recent posts that go into more detail, plus an update is coming this Wednesday, April 1st – and this is not an April fool’s joke!

New York Produce Shipments

The state’s biggest volume is with storage onions, most of it coming out of Orange County. averaging about 125 truck loads per week…..The next biggest mover is with apples coming out of the Hudson and Champlain Valleys, as well Central and Western areas of the state.  New York is a leading cabbage shipper, but volume is now in a seasonal decline.

Hudson Valley apples – grossing about $3100 to Orlando.

Maine Potato Shipments

Aroostrook County in northern Maine is shipping about 150 truck loads of potatoes weekly.

Maine potatoes – grossing about $1400 to Boston.

Appalachian Apple Shipments

Volume is light, but apples are being loaded in the district comprised of portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

North Carolina Sweet Potato Shipments

With Easter closing in on April 5th, sweet potato shipments from the Eastern areas of the state are increasing, now surpassing 300 truck loads per week.

NC sweet potatoes – grossing about $2500 to New York City.

South Carolina Vegetable Shipments

There certainly are not any truck loads here, but the Lexington area has very light volume with greens and green onions.

Georgia Vegetable Shipments

From Southern Georgia there are light shipments of broccoli, carrots and greens.



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Light to Moderate Produce Shipments from Florida, NY and Maine

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DSCN4472Here is a glimpse of produce loading opportunities from three states on the east coast.

Florida winter produce shipments are generally increasing.  However, the following information is qualified by the fact this is WINTER produce, and while state volume is light and increasing, this is all relative to this time of the year. 

Florida’s mature green tomatoes, grape tomatoes and roma shipments have been less-than-normal and larger volumes are expected around Thanksgiving (November 27th). This includes the Palmetto-Ruskin volume that is running lighter than normal and south Florida’s shipments from Immokalee.

Heavy rains that struck during fall plantings should  produce lighter-than-normal early loadings of sweet corn and green beans through Thanksgiving.  Due to rain in September, there will be shipping gaps.

Florida produce – grossing about $2000 to Chicago.

New York Produce Shipments

Most onion shipments are coming out of Orange County, NY.  With the harvest completed, shipments are increasing and averaging about 150 truck loads per week….New York apple shipments are steady from the Hudson Valley, western and central parts of the state and the Champlain Valley….Cabbages shipments are originating from western and central areas of the Empire State.

New York cabbage – grossing $1500 to $2000 to New York City.

Maine Potato Shipments

Light loadings of potatoes are originating from Aroostrock County, ME, averaging around 100 truck loads per week.  Most product is destined to east coast markets.


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Northeastern States Have Light to Moderate Produce Shipments

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DSCN4310Here’s a round of produce loads originating out of the Northeastern United States.

Appalachian Apple Shipments

Pennsylvania apple shipments are above preseason estimates, while New York loadings are less than expected.

Shipments are running about 10-15 percent more than preseason estimates and last year’s numbers as of  early October.   If the shipments hold true for the rest of the season, Pennsylvania should have record apple shipments.

Other apple shipping states in the Appalachian region include Maryland, Virginia and West Virgina

New York Produce Shipments

As for New York, apple loadings probably will not reach pre-season estimates.  Part of that can be traced to a typical decline following a huge year in 2013-14, when New York shipped about 33 million cartons.  The other reason is blamed on  extreme cold last winter, which caused bud damage.

The onion harvest out of New York’s Orange County is well under way, resulting in increased onion shipments.  Over 125 loads per week are now being shipped….Long Island, NY is shipping potatoes in light volume.

However, it is cabbage providing as big a volume as any fresh produce right now.  About 160 loads a week are coming from production areas in the Western and Central areas of New York.

New York apples – grossing about $3400 to Orlando.

Maine Potato Shipments

The potato harvest in Aroostock County, ME is wrapping up, and the focus will soon be with shipping spuds to Eastern markets.




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