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Mid-Atlantic Apple Shipping Update; Chilean Blueberry Imports are Up

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016Apple shipments from West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania are forecast to increase over 41 million pounds this year across the three states, according to the USDA.  Meanwhile, imports of Chilean blueberries continue to increase.

Pennsylvania apple shipments should see a 32-million pound increase over 2014.

Meanwhile, West Virginia apple shipments are expected to increase by 8 million pounds, while Maryland apple shipments are projected to have a 1.6 million-pound hike.

Pennsylvania, which had 493 million pounds of apples in 2014, ranked fourth among 29 major apple-producing states.  West Virginia ranked ninth, with 82 million pounds last year.

Chilean Blueberry Imports

Chilean blueberry production will continue to grow during the 2015-16 season, and global exports of fresh blueberries will be in the range of 218 million to 241 million pounds.  This means an increase of 7 to 19 percent over the previous season’s exports of 203 million pounds.

North America is by far the largest export market for Chilean blueberries, with 67 percent of Chilean blueberry exports landing in this market during the 2014-15 season.  Europe comprised 23 percent of Chile’s fresh blueberry exports and Asia 10 percent.

Chile’s blueberry acreage continues to expand, with  about 39,289 acres currently planted.  In 2014-15, Chile exported a total of 34.1 million boxes, with over 19 million boxes shipped to North America.  In 2015-16, exports to America are projected to exceed 20 million boxes and reach new historic highs.

The first export peak is expected to be similar in timing to 2014, with projected exports of 9-13 million pounds in December.


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