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Avocados Shipments Continue to Set Records

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009The projected total U.S. avocado shipments are expected to set a record 1.7 billion pounds from July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016.  This includes shipments of imported avocados from Mexico.

Through September, about 1.6 billion pounds of avocados had shipped in the U.S. year-to-date, and 1.2 billion pounds of that came from Mexico.  The reason so much more product comes from Mexico is it is the only country, primarily due to climate, that has the ability to ship the fruit year around.

The total from all sources compares to 1.2 billion pounds through September 2014, 14 percent less than this year

The jump for Mexican product is even greater.  The 900 million pounds shipped through last September was 38 percent lower than this year’s total.
October, November and December tend to be slower months for avocado shipments, but by the end of 2015, a projected 2.1 billion pounds will have shipped in the U.S.  An estimated 1.7 billion pounds of that will be Mexican fruit, up from 1.3 billion bounds in all of 2014,
The contrast to only eight years ago is pretty amazing.  The Mexican avocado industry has grown in less than a decade (2007), from 479 million pounds exported to the U.S.  That’s barely more than the amount by which exports increased from 2014-15.  Increasing volume isn’t expected to plateau anytime soon.
Mexican exports to the U.S. are increasing so rapidly, there’s less room for fruit from countries like Chile.  Chile is following a similar path set by California, where domestic demand is so strong, so there’s little incentive to export.
Mexican avocado and other imported produce entering the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas – grossing about $2400 to Chicago, $4000 to New York City.

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