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Pharr International Bridge Hosts New Produce Season for Crossing from Mexico

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By Texas International Produce Association

Pharr, Texas: A celebration for the “Start of the Produce Season 2020-2021” was held on October 8, 2020 at the Pharr International Bridge, which seems appropriate for a bridge that crossed 190,174 fresh produce truckloads in FY2020 – more than any other international bridge in the US. 

Over 65 percent of all the fresh produce crossing from Mexico through Texas is crossed at the Pharr International Bridge. Plans are already in place to expand the bridge by another 4 lanes in order to expedite crossings.

“In addition to the bridge expansion, three other projects are up for bids on October 2021,” said Luis Bazan, Pharr Bridge Director. “Under the DAP 16 [Donations Acceptance Program] these projects include an expansion of the dry dock, a cold inspection facility and the regional agriculture lab and training center.” Funding is already approved for these projects, according to Bazan.

Founded in 1942, the Texas International Produce Association (TIPA) promotes, advocates, educates and represents the nearly $8 billion in fresh produce that is either grown in the state or calls Texas the first point of US-arrival for North American distribution.

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Mexican Exports to U.S. Face Big Increase

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DSCN6956Mexican fresh fruit and vegetable exports to the U.S. could increase by 32 percent over the next seven years.

South Texas is expected to grow at an even faster rate with the Mexican produce exports, according to a study by economists at Texas A&M University’s Center for North American Studies.

As many as 569,650 truckloads of Mexican fresh produce could be exported to the U.S. by 2023.   Of that amount, Texas could claim 298,542 of those truckloads, a 41 percent increase.

During the past seven years, and imports at the Mexico – Texas border are up 41 percent, making the projected 32 percent growth rate in the next seven years quite possible.

There is a rapid growth in Mexican exports through Texas, with a lot of cold storage facilities going up near the Pharr/Hidalgo Bridge.  Millions of dollars have been spent in the last few years on new cold storage facilities and most are operating a full capacity.

In fact, some observers believe the 32 percent estimated increase for Texas may be low because of the high cost of labor in the U.S. plus the costly and increasing rules and regulations not fouind in Mexico.

The A&M study also found that the growth in Mexican produce exports to the U.S. could produce 7,700 jobs in Texas and contribute $815 million to the state’s economy.

The Texas International Produce Association changed to its current name several years ago to reflect the importance of imports to Texas-based produce companies.  The result has certainly been a positive economic impact in the Lower Rio Grand Valley of Texas.  A number of South Texas growers are some of the largest importers of Mexican grown produce.

This allows many Texas produce shippers keep their operations running the year around with greater volume than relying exclusively on Texas-grown fruits and vegetables.

Texas is expected to account for 52.4 percent  of all U.S. produce imports from Mexico by 2023.  In 2015, 48.6 percent of all imports came through the Lone Star State.

Mexican produce through South Texas – grossing about $1900 to Atlanta; $2000 to Chicago.



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