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Shipments of California Produce, Plus other Areas

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U.S. watermelon shipments continue to increase, plus an update on Salinas veggies, California cherries and almonds.  Finally, did you know North Carolina ships potatoes?

Watermelon Shipments

Mexican watermelon shipments through Nogales easily leads volume in the U.S., hitting about 2,500 truck loads a week.  Florida melon loadings are only about one-third this amount and Texas is even lighter.

Nogales rates on watermelons, grapes, tropical fruit ,up as much as 15% this week – grossing about $3800 to Chicago.


Salinas Valley Vegetable Shipments

It continues to be less than a steller shipping season for Salinas Valley vegetables.  Various types of lettuce in particular are in a shipping gap, with low production coming out of the fields due to weather factors this spring.  Vegetable shipments are not expect to show major improvements until the week of June 6th.

Salinas vegetables – grossing about $4600 to Chicago.

California Cherry Shipments

California cherry loadings will come to a screeching shortly after Memorial Day.  A once promising harvest of 8 to 9 million cartons has been decimated by rains.  The final total for the product is estimated at only 4.5 million cartons.  This compares to 6 million cherries shipped a year ago.

If you are picking up one of the final loads of the season, use caution.  Cracking  or splitting are among problems being reported with the fruit.  New high tech grading equipment is supposed to catch this, but caution is still urged.

Almond Shipments

California almond movement should be up 5.8 percent over last year, according to the most recent forecast.  In 2016, almonds totaled  2 billion pounds.  This compares to 2015’s volume of 1.89 billion pounds.

North Carolina Potatoes

The Tar Heel state doesn’t even rank in the top 10 nationally for potato loadings.  However, still has about 16,000 acres of plantings, although this is down from about 2010 when it had 21,000 acres.  Shipping, primarily from the Elizabeth City area, will get underway the last half of June.  Shipments are destined to receivers mostly along the East Coast, with some product going to Canada.  About 30 percent of the loads are for table stock, with the balance going to processors.  Around 30 percent of the product is red potatoes.



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Mexican Produce Import Volume is Finally Improving

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DSCN7160Imported Mexican produce volume has been much lower than normal due to rain and cold weather throughout the winter, plus a freeze at Christmas delayed plantings and tightened supplies of many items.  However better weather is resulting in higher volume in February.

While Mexican produce shipments in late February were approaching normal, some items remain in much lighter volume.  For example, bell peppers are expected to remain lighter than usual.  Mexican watermelon shipments should remain good until the last half of March when production will be less.   Yellow mangoes loadings have started within the past week, with volume picking up heading into March.

Mexican watermelon imports should hit good volume by mid-April.  A similar situation is expected with honeydews and cantaloupes.  Steady Mexican vegetable shipments are expected to continue with zucchini, yellow, gray, acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash.

There is now good volume with imports through Nogales with tomatoes on the vine, beefsteak, roma, grape, yellow grape and cocktail tomatoes, yellow bell peppers and organic round and roma tomatoes and eggplant.

Imported Mexican produce through Nogales – grossing about $3200 to Chicago.

Imported Mexican produce through Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley – grossing about $3900 to New York City.

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Watermelon Loads Shifting from Mexico to the U.S.; Other Items Starting Out of Arizona, Washington

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IMG_5321With Mexican watermelon shipments coming across the border ending soon, here’s three states looking to take up the slack.  There also are a couple of shipping areas becoming active with other items in the west.

Mexican watermelon volume is rapidly coming to a close, but it is a slow start for the new watermelon season in Florida and Texas.

Immokalee watermelon shipments started in early May, with decent volume finally arriving this week – just in time for Memorial Day arrivals.  Mexico had some late season disease problems with watermelons and you need to use caution loading Florida melons, as similar problems are being reported.

Texas Watermelon Shipments

Texas watermelon shipments are running a little late and good volume is not expected before May 2oth, meaning for the most part shipments will come after Memorial Day.  Again, we on the look out for what you put in the truck as quality problems may exist due to high winds and other factors.  Another concern is if hot weather arrives, the melons could suffer from being on the plants too long.  This will not be one of the larger volume crops Texas has had.

Arizona Watermelon Shipments

Yuma watermelons should be getting underway in light volume this week.  Average yield and good quality are being reported.

Arizona Potato Shipments

Red and yellow potato loadings from the Elroy, AZ , just southeast of Phoenix, have started and should conintue until about July 4. Mini reds, mini yellows and purple varieties of spuds should ship through August.

Walla Walla Onion Shipments

Walla Walla sweet onions are expected to begin shipments up to 10 days behind typical starts.  The onions  are grown on 600 acres.  Volume should be normal,   which would  amount to around 600,000 40-pound cartons for the season.  Shipments should ramp up towards the end of June and run through mid-August.

Florida watermelons, veggies and other items – grossing about $3600 to Chicago; $4800 to New York City.

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Mexican Watermelon Shipments in Good Volume Soon, with Grapes Shortly Afterwards

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GAtks0314 009While loadings of Mexican grown veggies are quickly becoming history at Nogales, AZ distribution centers, watermelons from south of the border are rapidly increasing, and will soon be followed by grapes.

Easter is April 20th and loading opportunities should be good during the next week to 10 days for arrivals of melons on the retail produce shelves.   Mexican watermelon shipments are much early than normal due to warm weather in Mexico.

Mexican Grape Shipments

Meanwhile, Mexican grape loadings will be the earliest they’ve been in the past five years.   Light volume of  Mexican green grapes will be crossing the border at Nogales the last week of April, while red grapes will likely follow in early May.   Good volume should be available on both greens and reds by May 15.

Meanwhile, there’s a great variety of various vegetables and tropical fruit crossing the border from Mexico into South Texas.  The Lower Rio Grande Valley continues to ship citrus and onions.

South Texas produce – grossing about $5300 to New York City.

Chilean Fruit Imports

Name just about any fruit import from Chile this season and there has been signficantly less volume.  This goes for grapes, stone fruit, etc.  While these items are pretty much finished for the season, Chilean kiwi imports are just getting underway.  However, the forecast says there will be a 55 percent decrease in Chilean kiwi this season.






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