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National Shipping Outlook: CA Stone Fruit, Southeastern Produce, and Watermelons

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DSCN7451West coast produce shipments are early this year, while East Coast produce shipments are running late.  Here’s a round up on loading opportunities ranging from California stone fruit, Southeastern produce shipments and watermelons.

Stone Fruit Shipments

California stone fruit shipments have started a few days earlier than normal.  Last year shipments totaled about 35 million cartons.  This year estimates are about 40 million cartons.  Apricot shipments got underway a couple of weeks ago. Good volume is expected in the days leading up to the Memorial weekend May 28-30.

Yellow nectarine shipments get underway around May 5th and yellow peach shipments will start about May 7-10.  Plum loadings kick off about June 1st.

Even at a total of 40 million cartons of the peach, plums and nectarines, California is still 20 percent below the volume it had a decade ago. A lot of fruit acreage was pulled out of the ground and replaced with nuts in first decade of this century.

Florida Produce Shipments

Unlike the early start for many California produce shipments, Florida is the opposite.  In late April, growers were beginning to ship good volume.  However, this was later than the typical mid-April start of larger shipments.  Large volumes of sweet corn shipments are seen for the month of May.  While some shippers had good volume the last week of April, other shippers will not move into good volume until the middle of May.

Florida vegetables shipments  – grossing about $3400 to New York City.

Georgia Sweet Corn Shipments

Georgia sweet corn should start shipping in small amounts from May 20 until early June, before hitting good volume.

Watermelon Shipments

Texas watermelon shipments should get underway the second week of May, while light supplies of Mexican melons continue to cross the border at McAllen.  Heavier Mexican melon volume is crossing the border at Nogales.  About 750 truck loads of Mexican watermelons crossed the border into Nogales last week, while volume continues to increase.  Florida watermelon shipments are miniscule to that at Nogales right now, but is increasing.

Mexican melons, tomatoes and vegetables at Nogales – grossing about $3200 to Chicago.

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Updates: CA Stone Fruit and Grapes, Baja Tomatoes and Port Strike

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IMG_5703Produce loads are increasing in California for stone fruit and tomatoes, while grape shipments are now light volume from the Arvin district.

California peach shipments

California peach and nectarine shipments have moved into normal weekly volumes, with peak loadings to start in late June to early July from the San Joaquin Valley.  Peach and nectarine shipments should continue into the first or second week of September.  There’s also apricot and cherry shipments.

San Joaquin Valley stone fruit shipments – grossing about $7100 to New York City.

Southern California, Baja Tomatoes

Tomato shipments are ramping up out of California and Baja California and include vine ripes, romas and cherry tomatoes.  Loadings should continue until about the third week of December.  Shipments of mature-greens, vine-ripes  and romas from the Live Oak, CA area in the San Joaquin Valley get underway in mid June.

California grape shipments

While grape shipments continue from the Coachella Valley for perhaps another month, very light volume has started from the Arvin District in the Bakersfield area.

Coachella Valley grape and vegetable shipments – grossing about $4600 to Chicago.

Chilean Fruit Imports

A strike by customs officials, which shut down Chile’s Port of Valparaiso May 20, has ended as negotiators reached an agreement. By May 26, customs officials had been removed from the port, and the port was operating again at a “minimal level.  The strike ended May 28th.  Workers were striking over pay and working conditions.



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