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Zespri Kiwifruit Exports are Underway for New Season

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Zespri’s 2022 export program is underway, with the first 1.15 million trays of kiwifruit now on their way to Japan.

The MV Solent Star is the first of a planned 72 ships set to deliver a crop estimated to be over 190 million trays (or 680,000 MT) of fruit to Zespri’s global markets, according to a company statement.   

Zespri Chief Global Supply Officer Alastair Hulbert said that “demand for Zespri Kiwifruit is incredibly strong across our global markets and this season we’re  expecting another large and great-tasting crop of fruit,” 

“We’re looking at exporting more than 115 million trays of SunGold kiwifruit and around 70 million trays of Green in 2022, and this season also marks our first commercial volumes of Zespri RubyRed kiwifruit which will be available to consumers in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China,” he added. 

While global demand for kiwifruit remains strong, the industry is facing a number of  headwinds this season given the ongoing impact COVID-19 is having on labor availability.

Port congestion is a matter that has company officials on alert, the statement said.

In total, Zespri expects to undertake four charter sailings to North Europe, 12 to the  Mediterranean, six to the US West Coast and 50 to Zespri’s Asian markets, and to send around 20,000  containers of kiwifruit this season. 

“The continued use of charter vessels will be important in our ability to avoid much of the congestion  we’re seeing at container ports, and we’re also looking at new options this season such as partnering with T&G Global to co-ship fruit to North America,” Hulbert said.

The first shipment under these conditions is expected for April.

The 2022 season has the potential to be another record-breaking year with more kiwifruit produced than ever before. A forecast of at least 190 million trays will need to be harvested, overtaking last year’s record of over 177 million trays. On average, each tray has around 30 pieces of kiwifruit.

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New Zealand is Planning on Record-Breaking Kiwifruit Volume

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New Zealand’s 2022 kiwifruit harvest has kicked off with the first crop being picked February 17 in Te Puke and more kiwifruit to be picked around New Zealand over the coming months.

The 2022 season has the potential to be another record-breaking year with more kiwifruit produced than ever before. A forecast of at least 190 million trays will need to be harvested, overtaking last year’s record of over 177 million trays. On average, each tray has around 30 pieces of kiwifruit.

Zespri’s new RubyRed variety is picked first which is then followed by the Gold and Green varieties. The harvest traditionally peaks in mid-April and runs through until June.

The sweet, berry-tinged tasting Red kiwifruit will also be picked for supermarket shelves in New Zealand and some overseas markets this year. 2022 marks the first year that RubyRed will be sold as a commercial variety.

Zespri’s Chief Grower, Industry and Sustainability Officer, Carol Ward says, “With this season’s harvest about to commence, growers and the wider industry will again be following all government protocols and working hard to safely pick, pack and ship what’s expected to be another bumper crop of at least 190 million trays, maybe more.

The success of the 2022 kiwifruit harvest hinges on the ability for industry’s supply chain to operate effectively under the quickly changing COVID-19 settings. The industry requires 24,000 people to pick and pack the crop.

However, forecast surges in Covid-19 infection rates are expected to restrict the availability of New Zealanders. In addition, the opening of New Zealand’s borders is expected to be too late to replace the 6,500 backpackers required for harvest.

New Zealand has some 2,800 growers who produce kiwifruit across over 32,124 acres of orchards between Kerikeri in the north and Motueka in the south.

CEO of New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc. (NZKGI), Colin Bond says that the industry has built experience over the past two years on how to operate a harvest under COVID-19 restrictions. “The health and safety of our workforce is our first priority and NZKGI is working continually with government agencies to develop operational processes to mitigate COVID-19 infections”.

The industry is working collaboratively to do everything we can to get all the fruit off the vines – and that must be done in a way which puts our people first”.


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California Kiwi, Imported Kiwi and Argentina Blueberry Imports

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017Here’s a look at loading opportunities for California kiwifruit, as well as imported kiwi and blueberries.

If you’re looking for California kiwifruit shipments, loadings are purposely being delayed.  The reason is imported Chilean kiwi is still in the pipeline.  California shippers are holding off for the end of the Chilean season so prices will improve.  California volumes will probably be down about 10 percent this season, but there will still be plenty of product.   Look for good California loading opportunities to start by late November.

Meanwhile, imported Italian kiwifruit should start shipping in volume on the East Coast by late November.  Italian kiwifruit shipments to the U.S. are expected to be about 10 percent higher than last season.  Imported New Zealand kiwi will be available through November.

Southern California kiwi, citrus and vegetables – grossing about $6400 to New York City.

Argentina Blueberry Imports

Frost in Argentina affected blueberry production, so imports of Argentine berries have been light in the United States.   Argentina blueberry imports are now increasing, but have been off by as much as 60 percent due to cold weather and rain in South America and will remain lighter than normal for weeks to come.  Arrivals by boat are occurring on both coasts.

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A Look at Loading Opportunities in California, Jersey and U.S. Ports

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IMG_7024Here is a glimpse at loading opportunities from a couple of districts in California, as well as from New Jersey and at U.S. ports.

Westside Melon Shipments

Melon shipments from the Westside district of California’s San Joaquin Valley got under way last week, with normal acreage and loadings predicted.  The peak shipping period will be in  July, August, September and into October. The biggest volume will be with cantaloupe and honeydew.

Sacramento Valley Prunes

The trend of removing Sacramento Valley prune orchards for more profitable nut crops continues.  Prune production takes place in August and early September.  California statewide should total to around 45,000 acres, amounting to about  95,000 tons of prunes. Last year volume was around 82,000 to 84,000 tons..  The 95,000 may also be close to what can be expected in the future.  Typical volumes of a few years ago was in the 120,000 to 140,000 range.

California Pears

California pear shipments from the Sacramento  River district and the mountain district get underway within the next week.  While loadings may be off 10 to 15 percent from a year ago, there still will be decent volume.

New Jersey Peach Shipments

New Jersey’s peach crop has folks optimistic this year with about 30,000-35,000 tons of fruit forecast from the state’s 5,500 acres of trees.  Peaches shippers are located near such towns as Bridgeton, Salem, Mullica Hill, and Glassboro.  Good volume is expected by the second week of July with shipments continue through mid September.

New Zealand Kiwi

Arrivals of New Zealand kiwifruit began in mid-May and should be available for loadings at U.S. ports until mid-October.

Central San Joaquin Valley melons and vegetables – grossing about $5700 to Chicago.


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