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Ocean Spray, Oppy Bring Ocean Spray Brand to Fresh Produce

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OSBy Oppy

LAKEVILLE-MIDDLEBORO, Mass. – The stage is set to expand the 87-year-old Ocean Spray® brand — with many sweet things to come.

In a natural extension of the relationship formed in 2003 to market Ocean Spray fresh cranberries, Oppy and its partner berry growers are now shipping fresh strawberries and blueberries from California under an Ocean Spray® brand.

Ultimately, a range of berries, including blackberries and raspberries, will join strawberries and blueberries as part of the Family Farmer Owned™ brand of fresh produce. The program expands and elevates Oppy’s berry offerings, delivering fruit of high quality and great flavor in a familiar and trusted label. This expansion also establishes a year-round fresh berry presence for the Ocean Spray® brand.

“Ocean Spray was founded by three cranberry growers looking to expand the market for their fruit,” said Clark Reinhard, vice president of innovation for Ocean Spray. “The brand is well known across multiple grocery aisles but our presence in produce has been limited to just a few months of the year. The perimeter of the grocery store is growing fast and by collaborating with Oppy our brand will be on fresh, high quality produce from family farms year round.”

The Ocean Spray® brand bolsters Oppy’s strategic push in the berry category, according to James Milne, vice president of marketing. “We conducted extensive research throughout North America over the past year and discovered a genuine enthusiasm for berries. There is a clear opportunity for a strong brand like Ocean Spray® to enter the market and capture people’s imaginations. This new innovation will disrupt an established category and offer a surprising new berry experience to the trade and consumers alike.”

Following California strawberries and blueberries, the Ocean Spray® Family Farmer Owned™ brand will feature fruit produced by Oppy domestic berry growers in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and its international network of family farmers.

“Consumers should ultimately understand that when they see the Ocean Spray logo anywhere in the world they are supporting family farms- the same way they do buying at their local farmer’s market,” said Reinhard. “While cranberries remain at the heart of what we do, bringing other berries to market under the same brand will be a huge benefit to growers, retailers and ultimately the consumer.”

“Partnering with Ocean Spray enables us to simultaneously deliver new value to our grower partners and our retail customers,” said David Smith, Oppy president and chief marketing officer. “Berry growers everywhere understand the stature of the Ocean Spray® brand and are engaging with the opportunity. Meanwhile we’re providing our retail partners the exciting option of high quality strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries packed in a label of high consumer awareness and appeal.”

Smith notes that the timing is advantageous for all, with berry category sales at retail elevating 15 percent in the last two years, while also realizing average-price-per-pound gains. IRI data shows that berry sales volume has increased throughout the U.S., while branded produce is earning greater dollar share throughout the category.

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JAZZ Offers $3000 Grand Prize, Other Items to Instagram Contest Winners

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By Oppy

AjazzAs consumers across North America pack their bags for summer vacations in the weeks ahead, the savviest among them will tuck in a little something extra—a freshly rebranded New Zealand JAZZ  apple—with an aim to refresh their palates and their pocketbooks.

A $3,000 grand prize awaits the winner of JAZZ apples’ Summer Vacation Sensation Instagram Contest.  It encourages participants to post “sensational” photos of the fruit taken during their summer adventures.  Additional memory-making prizes, like Yeti coolers, GoPro cameras, and other outdoor-fun gear, will reward runners-up. bThe contest begins June 19 and spans the next eight weeks.

“As part of the JAZZ  brand refresh, we’re reminding everyone of the apple’s amazing portability,” said Joe Barsi, president of T&G Global, North America, owner of the JAZZ  apple brand. “With a dense texture and crisp crunch, not to mention an always-refreshing eating experience, a JAZZ  apple is truly the ideal travel companion.”

The contest asks participants to post images of JAZZ  apples at any destination or vacation setting.  It has to create a “brand buzz” while conveying the upbeat personality and versatility of the apple.


In the development of the refreshed JAZZ  brand, research revealed that the apple resonates with well-travelled and socially-connected taste seekers—consumers.  They are always looking for the latest and the new, and who enjoy sharing their discoveries.

“We believe the contest will appeal to the precise audience the brand aims to reach, and are excited to present this high-profile, fun opportunity to attract and engage that audience this summer and beyond,” said Brock Nemecek, regional marketing manager for T&G Global, North America. “This initiative will not only keep JAZZ  apples top-of-mind and in shoppers’ carts over the next couple months, but will also establish consumer connections that the brand will foster year-round.”

T&G Global and marketing partner Oppy will work closely with retailers to generate support for the contest.  At the same time amplifying it on various social platforms through mid-August.

“This is a great opportunity for our retail partners to promote fresh-crop New Zealand JAZZ  apples, said David Nelley, vice president of categories for Oppy. “The fruit is excellent in quality, and excitement is already gathering around the refreshed brand at the store level and on social media. It’s going to be a great season, with numerous initiatives driving people to the JAZZ  display.”

Join the fun and post your most sensational travel photos, starring a fresh crop JAZZ  apple, following and tagging @jazzappleus, and using #jazzsensation on Instagram.

JAZZ  apples are available year-round via domestic and import crops and are offered exclusively by CMI Orchards, Oppy, and Rainier Fruit Company.

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Jazz Variety Strengthens Premium Apple Position

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JazzApplesby T&G Global / Oppy

Fresh crop New Zealand JAZZ™ apples are arriving now — decked out with a sharp new look and attitude geared to drive even stronger sales of the top-10 apple.

Built around the powerful positioning of “The JAZZ Sensation,” the new brand elevates the always refreshing eating experience delivered by the tangy-sweet, intensely crunchy favorite. Complete with a fresh new logo, and supported by a full suite of nimble visual components, JAZZ™ is primed to stand out in the category with contemporary colors, eye-catching graphics and a compelling brand message.

JAZZ™ apples originated in New Zealand, following a natural union of Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties. Sixteen years later, it’s become a global sensation, growing in 10 counties under a closely controlled quality program, managed by trademark owner and one of New Zealand’s largest horticulture exporters, T&G Global (originally Turners and Growers).

T&G Global introduced the new brand at Fruit Logistica in February, and has subsequently rolled it out market-by-market to great enthusiasm.

Darren Drury, T&G Global’s executive general manager – pipfruit, said the refresh of JAZZTMrepresents a major investment by T&G that extends across all touch-points from packaging to promotions and sampling to digital platforms.

“Our consumer research identified an opportunity to reinvigorate our JAZZTM brand to reinforce its premium position,” he explained. “We operate in a highly competitive category, so it’s vital to remain relevant while appealing to new consumers. Having discussed it with our growers, sales agents and customers we felt the time was right for a global refresh.”

Importantly, the esteemed ENZA quality mark will appear alongside the new JAZZ™ label, providing assurance that the long-standing quality and eating experience of JAZZ™ has not changed.

“The new JAZZ™ brand will engage consumers with an exciting new website and relevant social content aimed at creating a deeper relationship between JAZZ™ and its global fan base,” said Drury. “Our research guided us to focus JAZZ™ marketing efforts on well-travelled and socially connected taste seekers; consumers who are always looking for the latest and the new, and who enjoy sharing their discoveries. A durable, versatile, great-tasting apple like JAZZ™ is a perfect fit for this spirit and lifestyle, and our refreshed approach will place more JAZZ™ into their sphere.”

Available soon from Oppy, fresh crop New Zealand JAZZ™ apples will be supported by high-impact custom promotions arranged in partnership with retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“JAZZ™ ranks third in the list of premium apples for dollar contribution in the produce department,” said David Nelley, vice president of categories at Oppy. “Its growth has been steady over the last decade and a half. The refreshed brand will renew existing connections with JAZZ™ apples as well as build new ones across North America.”

JAZZ™ apples are also available from CMI Orchards and Rainier Fruit Company primarily during the domestic season.

Drury says T&G is pleased with consistent growth and demand for JAZZTM across the company’s traditional markets including Germany, the UK and USA alongside newer markets such as Thailand, China, Vietnam and Japan.

“We’ve built up a stronger presence in our key markets and our people are better placed to further support our customers and work alongside growers on our year-round growing program,” he said. “We are also looking for new growth opportunities. It’s an exciting time for JAZZTM and we’re looking forward to sharing our new-look journey with customers, growers and consumers.”


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Chilean Ambrosia Spring Apple Line is Due U.S. Arrival

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Aby Oppy

As taste-buds turn to fresh crop apples, Oppy announces increased volumes of Chilean Ambrosia, with first arrivals planned for mid-May.

“Ambrosia is a top performer in the premium apple space in both volume growth and dollar sales,” said David Nelley, Oppy’s vice president of categories, who points to the advantage of stocking new-crop premium apples, including this sweet, crunchy favorite, now.

“Volumes of the original BC Ambrosia are winding down, and the new crop really delivers the signature Ambrosia flavor and texture. Chile offers a fresh-picked Ambrosia that provides a color break, eats fantastic and keeps apple sales rolling into the summer.”

David Del Curto (DDC) of Santiago is one of two growers authorized to produce Ambrosia in Chile. DDC first planted the apple in 2009, selecting locations that best replicate the growing conditions in British Columbia known to produce the best-tasting fruit.

“We discovered that very good Ambrosia can be produced in Southern Chile, due to good chill hours that amplify the color and flavor characteristics North American consumers appreciate about the apple,” said Marcos Echenique, DDC sales director. “We’re replicating Ambrosia’s ‘natural environment’ as best we can, producing apples that deliver consistently on taste, which has emerged as Ambrosia’s most compelling attribute.”

Echenique notes that DDC’s Ambrosia has achieved good color intensity through the application of reflective film placed between the rows and nets for sun protection. After being picked and cooled slowly to retain flavor and crunch, 100 percent of the Ambrosia is packed on a single line for consistency by specifically trained staff.

Along with its other premium apple and pear offerings, the leading marketer and distributor’s business development team will drive retail sales of Oppy’s Chilean Ambrosia program via high-impact custom promotions.

Chile is the leading exporter of apples and many other produce items to the United States.

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