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Sun Belle Launches 2021 Pomegranate Arils Program

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Berry importer/shipper/marketer Sun Belle Inc. has launched its 2021 Pomegranate Arils program with Green Belle organic and Sun Belle conventional  4.4 ounce cups packed  by Agricola Los Medanos S.A. in Ica, Peru. The arils are extracted from just-ripe pomegranates in Los Medanos’ ultra-clean facility using state of the art technology, including UV sanitation,  immediately packed in retail cups with peel  and resealable lids with a tamper proof outer ring seal, and air shipped to North America.

The arils are ruby sweet flavor pops which enliven meals and celebrations throughout the day – from the breakfast bowl to desserts, salads, savory dishes, and snacks to delicious beverages.

Janice Honigberg, president of Sun Belle Inc. kicked off this year’s program saying: “Pomegranates are among the world’s most ancient fruits, always sought after for their taste and beauty. The tiny red jewels are rich in vitamin C, K, B-6 and potassium.  High in anti-oxidants and fiber but with a low-calorie count, pomegranate arils are a delicious ready-to-eat snack for health-conscious consumers.  Sun Belle is pleased to offer such superb quality products through the spring and summer months.”

Sun Belle, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2021, was founded by Honigberg in Washington, DC and is the exclusive marketer of the Sun Belle and Green Belle brands. In addition to arils, introduced in 2018, Sun Belle markets and distributes conventional and organic blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries; certified biodynamic organic cranberries and blueberries; golden berries, Black Mission figs and red currants; and green house and specialty produce.  Sun Belle operates distribution and sales centers in Jessup, Maryland; Miami, Florida; Schiller Park, Illinois; Oxnard, California; and Laredo, Texas.


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Where’s the Biggest Demand for Produce Trucks?, Plus Lots More

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dscn8594Check out where in the nation the biggest demand for produce truckers is….Also, there are reasons South Texas is becoming a bigger player for hauling Mexican imported produce. Plus, what’s up with pomegranates.

Idaho Potato Shipments

The biggest demand for produce trucking in the country is coming out of the Twin Falls, ID area.  Easily, the largest potato shipping state, Idaho is currently averaging about 2000 truck load equivalents of mostly russet potatoes per week.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $2200 to Atlanta.

California Pomegranate Shipments

 Most pomegranates for the holiday season have already been shipped because of a short crop due to heavy October rains.  The USDA reports only 120,000 pounds of U.S. pomegranates shipped between November 6 – 12, off from 660,000 between November  8 – 14 a year ago.  The year-to-date total for U.S. pomegranate shipments is 7.56 million pounds, down from 9.17 million pounds at the same point last year.

California’s Pom Wonderful accounts for about 60 percent of the pomegranate shipments, which normally lasts through January.

Crown Jewels Produce, of Fresno, normally ships through the second week of December, but finished its season a month early.  Its volume is down about 30 percent.

Simonian Fruit of Fowler, CA typically ships pomegranates into January, or February, but will wrap up its season by Christmas if not sooner.

Mexican Import Growth

Mexico continues to play a pivotal role in the Texas produce industry.
“We’ve seen tremendous growth in our Texas ports of entry on the import side,” Bret Erickson, president and CEO of the Texas International Produce Association, said recently. “It’s important to recognize also that many of our largest producers in Texas are also some of our largest importers, so the import industry plays a real critical role in the overall success of the produce industry in Texas.”
Import volumes were up nearly 25 percent in 2015 from the previous year, and a significant volume of fresh produce coming from Mexico now goes through Texas.
This has resulted in volumes of fresh produce coming through Pharr, TX just about equaling tonnage in Nogales, AZ.
Reasons for the increase in import volume include a new highway system in Mexico, which serves as a pipeline from the main production area of Mexico straight to south Texas.
Weather and labor issues in the U.S. have also contributed.  However, the import growth rate is expected to slow in the coming years as the infrastructure in the area expands to handle the volume now being transported.
The boom in infrastructure in south Texas is certainly a positive economic impact to the state of Texas in terms of jobs and construction companies getting bids to build cold storage facilities, with some being as large as 100,000 square feet.
Mexcian imports through South Texas – grossing bout $3100 to Miami.


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Company Increases Its Offerings of Pomegranates

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PomegranatesREEDLY, CA  – Youngstown Distributors is offering consumers even more reasons to say, “I love pomegranates” with new additions to their pomegranate product line.  Their organic and conventional pomegranate arils have new packages ranging in convenient sizes that customers are sure to love!

Organic pomegranate arils are now available and packed in 16 oz., 8 oz., 5.3 oz. and 4.4 oz. packages.  Consumers will be able to enjoy the nutrition, along with the flavor that the fresh organic arils have to offer, by simply opening the package and adding to their favorite recipe or eating by the handful.

New conventional arils are also available in cups, offered in 4.4 oz. and 2 oz. sizes and sold as individual cups or 4-packs.  These cups are perfect for children and adult lunches, on-the-go consumers looking for a healthy alternative to traditional snacks, or as a flavorful addition to any meal.

“Pomegranates are more popular than ever, and our new aril products help meet that demand,” says Youngstown Distributors’ President, Mike Forrest.  “Consumers are looking for convenience and nutrition; these new package options, offer both to consumers without having to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.”

Youngstown Distributors also offers whole pomegranates, and they are currently supplying Early Wonderful variety fruit from California.  Product availability for Wonderful variety whole pomegranates will begin soon, starting in October and continuing through April.  Learn more about all of Youngstown Distributors’ product offerings, by visiting them at PMA booth 2111.

About Youngstown Distributors

Youngstown Distributors is a year-round supplier of whole pomegranates and pomegranate arils along with California Stone Fruit.  They value their strategic partnerships, which allow them to supply high quality product year-round.


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