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Florida Spring Shipments to Begin Early

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Despite a freeze on January 3-4, which caused some damage to early spring Florida produce, overall it has been a warmer-than-normal winter and most shipments should be one to two weeks earlier.  Florida’s peak spring shipments will occur from late March, extending into May until hot weather begins reducing volume.

Florida spring loadings often involve multiple pick ups of items ranging from bell peppers to squash, cabbage, cucumbers and other veggies.  Loads with multiple pick ups often mean multiple drops at the other end of the haul, so be sure and negotiate your freight rates with this in mind.

Tomatoes are a big volume item from Florida and expect loads to be available a week earlier than usual from the Immokalee and Palmetto-Ruskin areas — starting in early April.

As for citrus, shipments are expected to wind down up to three weeks earlier on items such as tangerines (late March) and grapefruit (in April).  Tangerine loadings normally end in late April.

Florida ships a significant amount of spring red potatoes from the southern part of the state such as from Lake Wales.  Heaviest red potato loadings take place during March and April.

Florida watermelon shipments will get underway in early April.

South Florida red potatoes grossing about $2600 to Philadelphia.


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