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Produce Shipments Around the U.S. as We Head Towards Labor Day

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Labor Day (September 1st) is less than a month away and here is a quick view of some items that should be available for hauling between now and then.

Michigan sweet corn shipments are currently at a peak, and there is decent volume coming out of the Goshen, IN area…..Michigan also continues with good volume blueberry shipments and summer vegetables.


Sweet Corn Shipments

Western North Carolina sweet corn shipments should still have good volume by Labor Day, along with tomatoes.


California sweet corn should have good volume out of the San Joaquin Valley for Labor Day, although shipments will be ligher than Memorital Day or the Fourth of July.  Melons out of the Westside District will continue in steady volume, as will as grape shipments, whose volume has been excellent, but the majority of the loadings will take place after Labor Day through the end of the year.


Sweet Potato Shipments

With a short sweet potato crop nationally for the 2013-14 season, limited loading opportunities are available as the seasons comes to an end.  However, the 2014-15 sweet shipments should improve, particular since leading producer North Carolina has increased its plantings from 54,000 acres a year ago to 66,000 acres this year.

Here’s hoping sweet potato shippers don’t get in such a hurry to ship product in the new season that they don’t take time to cure first.  Curing sweet potatoes, which doesn’t take that long, are much better.  North Carolina shipments should get underway after Labor Day, while Mississippi may start the  last week of August.

Eastern North Carolina sweet potatoes – grossing about $2500 to New York City.

Mississippi sweet potatoes – grossing about $2100 to Chicago.

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National Outlook for Sweet Corn Shipments, Plus S.E. Peaches, Michigan “Blues”

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DSCN3807+1Here’s a national round up of items ranging from sweet corn shipments and peach shipments in several states, plus a summary of Michigan blueberry loading opportunities.

Sweet Corn Shipments

Sweet corn shipments out of Delaware got underway last week, New York sweet corn gets underway at the end of July.

Initial Michigan sweet corn loadings should get underway by the end of this week.

Georgia sweet corn loadings should finish for the season this week.

Look for Colorado to get going around  July 25th.

Because of California’s water crisis, volume is down by as much as 20 percent  out of the San Joaquin Valley.

Peach Shipments

There were no South Carolina peach shipments the first six weeks of what is normally the shipping season due to a late-spring freeze.  However, loadings in high volume will occur during July and August.

South Carolina, despite being a small state (it ranks 41 in size among the 50 states), ranks high in produce shipments. It is the nation’s second-largest shipper of peaches, behind California and ahead of The Peach State, Georgia. The state places in the top 10 for leafy greens, cantaloupe, peanuts, watermelons, tomatoes, mixed vegetables and sweet potatoes  Its Southeast location allows overnight shipments to reach most of the U.S. population.

South Carolina peaches and vegetables – grossing bout $4000 to Boston

Michigan Blueberry Shipments

Michigan blueberry shipments are finally underway following a slow start due to weather factors.

Because of the extra cold winter, spring estimates for total shipments have been more erractic than in most years.  Blueberry shippers are predicting anywhere from 60 to 90 million pounds this season, which will be off from the 120 million pounds a year ago.  About 70 percent of Michigan’s “blues” are shipped out of state – and all over the U.S.  Loadings should continue into September.

Michigan blueberries and vegetables – grossing about $2000 to Atlanta.



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Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Shipments are Mostly Later and Lighter Than Normal

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DSCN0559Georgia produce shipments play an important role, particularly this time of the year, as it supplies a significant amount of fruit and vegetables, especially to the eastern half of the country.  Here is a run down on current and coming loading opportunities from Georgia.

Before getting started, let it be said that Georgia has joined much of the nation with some disruptive weather that has delayed normal starts in shipping and is continuing to result in supply gaps where more product will be available for loading some weeks more than others.  In general, a lot of the volume that would usually be available in May has been pushed back into June.  With few exceptions volume will be lighter this season.


Bell Peppers and Cukes

In central and southern Georgia, bell pepper shipments will not have significant volume until June.  Cucumber shipments initially start this week, with better volume coming at the end of May.  Both items should be available through June.

Squash, Cabbage and Eggplant

Squash loadings recently started, but too many plants have been lost to cold and excessive rains.  Volume will be down significantly this year.  Cabbage shipments also are underway, but no big crop here.  Georgia epplant faces a similar situation.

Sweet Corn and Green Beans

Sweet corn shipments, as well as green bean shipments should be in better shape than previously mentioned vegetables.  Beans have already started, with sweet corn getting underway in late May.

Vidalia Onion Shipments

Most shipments of Vidalia sweet onions started April 21st or later.  While volume has been increasing in May, June will provide peak loading opportunities.

Blueberry Shipments

Georgia blueberries have been underway for three to four weeks and are now moving in good volume.  However, no huge crop is seen.

Peaches and Watermelons

Early Georiga peaches were hit hard by freezing weather.  Very limited loadings will be occurring into mid June, when volume starts improving.   However, serious shipments will not come until July.

Georgia watermelon shipments start in a limited way in mid June.  With the late start melon loadings should continue into mid July, instead of the Fourth of July.

Vidalia onions – grossing about $3500 to New York City.

Georgia mixed vegetables – about $2700 to New York City.





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Florida Spring Vegetable Shipments Moving into Peak Volume

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016Florida spring produce is entering its peak shipping period.

This week south Florida sweet corn shipments hit good  volume and peak loadings will continue through Memorial Day.  Around the last week of May, Georgia will start taking the spotlight with corn shipments.

Florida sweet corn volume is up dramatically from last year.  Plus, this is the largest volume in the past four years.

Green bean loadings from the Belle Glade, FL  area will continue strong through Easter, then began a decline before ending  the first week of May.  This will be followed by Georgia bean shipments getting underway around May 10.

Florida Blueberry Shipments

Florida berry shipments have on going for about a month, and should continue until June.   Afterwards, loading opportunities become available in Georgia, followed by  North Carolina, New Jersey and the Pacific Northwest, where berries are picked until late September.

Florida blueberry shipments have roughly tripled over the last 10 years, and this year’s crop is likely to reach 25 million pounds before giving away to Georgia blues.  Michigan, the nation’s leading blueberry shipper, produced 87 million pounds in 2012. In 2013, Chile exported 174 million pounds of blueberries, most of them to the United States.

Florida produce shipments – grossing about $3400 to New York City.




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