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Arkansas Tomato Shipments Starting in June; California to Ship More Oranges than Originally Thought

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IMG_6496Arkansas tomato loadings in June should start on time, while loading opportunities with late season California oranges should improve.

Tomato Shipments

For about a six-week period  each summer Arkansas is a significant shipping area for tomatoes.

While cool and wet weather may affect the size and volumes of Arkansas tomatoes, shipments should get underway on schedule around June 10th from the Hermitage area.  There also may be some quality issues early in the harvest compared to later in the season.  Loading opportunities should continue into the third week of July.  Typically the tomato mix is about 80 percent round tomatoes and the balance is with romas.

Orange Shipments

California orange shipments have suffered this season due to a devasting freeze last December.  However, the good news is the loss of navels from that event may not be as serious as originally thought.  While the culling process resulted in about a 30 percent loss of citrus, this was lower than predicted.

Still, navel shipments should be pretty much ending with May.

California valencia loadings started last month, and are expected to continue through October.

California rates have generally been edging upwards, which is to be expected this time of year with volume increases and greater demand for trucks.

Southern California citrus – grossing about $5300 to Chicago.

Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $6400 to Atlanta.





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