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Texas Looking to Allow Heavier Trucks to Cross Border

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DSCN0159Overweight trucks legally transporting produce into the USA from Mexico might be possible, if the state of Texas eases some rules and regulations.  The state and some others see a benefit of easing border congestion.

The Texas House of Representatives recently passed legislation to create an “overweight corridor” at the USA -Mexico border, and the Texas Senate is expected to vote on it soon.

The proposed corridor, from the Anzalduas Bridge to the Pharr/Reynosa Bridge, would be an area where Mexican trucks carrying fresh produce would be able to enter the U.S. even if they were overweight. Trucks would then offload their extra weight at a U.S. cold storage facility.

A Mexican truck, under current law, carrying produce that weighs too much, faces a stiff fine if it crosses into the USA.

Currently, trucks are weighed on the Mexican side of the border, and extra product is typically offloaded there if the truck is overweight.  This procedure delays truck movement at the border and exposes perishable fruits and vegetables to the elements as it waits for another truck to pick it up.

Trucks that are overweight would be charged a fee, under the proposed law, which is much smaller than the current fine.  The big rig would then be allowed to proceed to a cold storage facility in the overweight zone’s boundaries.

Arizona already has a similar law.

Funds from the overweight fees would be used to maintain the roads that will be carrying the heavier loads.

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Feds Issue Exemption for Carriers Helping with Oklahoma Tornado Destruction

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IMG_5935Darrell L. Ruban, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Field Administrator, declared a regional emergency as of 10 a.m. EDT, May 21, 2013, for the state of Oklahoma following the May 20 tornado that cut a wide swath of destruction through the town of Moore and surrounding areas.

The declaration provides broad regulatory exemptions to CFR Parts 390-399 for truck carriers and operators providing emergency relief materials and services to Oklahoma customers. Drivers for motor carriers operating under the declaration must obtain and keep a copy of the declaration in their possession. Carriers, drivers and vehicles currently under an out-of-service order are not eligible for the exemption.

The declaration will be in effect “for the duration of the emergency or 15 days (June 5, 2013), whichever is less.”

In reply, refer to: MC-EFS-SV


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Jesus Would Have Drove a Truck

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By Larry Oscar

Sometimes in the heat of business deals or political campaigns the real truth about a persons character emerges.   During the 2010 senatorial election in Massachusetts was an eye opener for those paying attention to details. While on the campaign trail Senator John Kerry, Martha Coakley, and “Mr. Potato Head” made a derogatory comment, and were ridiculing Scott Brown for driving a pickup truck. That speaks volumes about the character of those bozos.

I’ll have them know that trucks and truck drivers are the backbone of America.Why is it that people with a “superiority complex” character flaw aren’t smart enough to know when and where to keep their mouth shut? Just because you think you are superior doesn’t mean you have to let your brain fall out on the floor. 

Now don’t get me wrong. Some people drive a truck in order to fill a character flaw of their own. I’ve seen some trucks that look like a Christmas tree going down the road. And some people drive the biggest truck they can find to make up for deficiencies in other areas, if you get my drift. But for the most part, trucks are one of the most practical vehicles you can own. At some point in time we all need something hauled. From furniture to horse manure, trucks can haul just about everything. There are some things that are truly American and one of those is definitely trucks.

Jesus drove a truck. Well, maybe not really, but if they had had trucks in his day I’m sure he would have driven one. What better way to haul around a bunch of disciples than in a pickup truck, extended or crew cab of course.

Driving a truck is not appealing to the elite because their character flaws would make them “feel” uncomfortable. People who put down trucks and truck drivers suffer from insecure anxiety. It doesn’t portray the image they crave.  Driving a truck says that you are an individual who is not afraid to get your hands dirty and work.  It speaks volumes about the truck driver’s character as well.  Truck drivers are independent minded people who think for themselves and make their own decisions.  Screw everyone else.  Trucks come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common;

trucks are made to haul and/or tow burdensome loads.  Trucks make a statement. They let the world know that the driver of this vehicles will do it by themselves without having to hire someone else to get the job done.

“Git -R-Done,” as Larry the Cable Guy would say. Trucks seem to last forever. They age like a fine wine. When you walk through a parking lot and you see an old truck, you stop and take note. They get noticed far more than a shiny new Cadillac.  Old trucks tend to list to one side.  They have battle scars on them and they almost always need a paint job. Some have only one eye left. They are often the subject of photographs and paintings. That’s because old trucks have character.  What most of the so called “elite” don’t know is that more millionaires drive trucks than any other form of transportation.  Trucks cross all social and economic barriers.

The love of trucks is what the rich and the poor have in common.  Sam Walton drove his beloved old red and white Ford pickup truck up until the day he died.  Truck drivers are modern day cowboys.  They drive their loads down all of our nations highways and byways with a spirit of adventure.  Many truck drivers are women.  They are independent spirited and hard loving gals with a tendency to speak their mind.

I think women who drive trucks are hot!  Give me a women with a Kenworth any day.

Most trucks have a lot of flags, signs, and bumper stickers on them. That’s because trucks are not formal. You can be yourself with a truck. They are like a good pair of old comfortable jeans. Over the years I have always felt sad about trading in my old truck for a new one.  I never felt that way about any car I traded in, but I sure have about my truck.    Trucks become your friend.  Trucks are something that you can travel down the road and be at home at the same time.

When I was a young boy the fondest memories I have of by grandfather was riding in his black Ford pickup truck on his farm. That truck was far from the comfortable trucks we have today. When you rode in it you were surrounded by a large curved windshield. The truck sprang to life when running. You could hear all of the sounds the engine, gearbox, and suspension made.  It smelled of fresh hay and chewing tobacco. When you rode in it at night the dash lights were just bright enough to barely make out the gauges. I often wonder what happened to that old truck.

So, if you want to improve the quality of your life, buy a truck. And just for fun drive it to Washington, D.C. for your summer vacation and say hi to truck driving Senator Scott Brown!

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