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California Shipping Updates on Grapes, Citrus and Veggies

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DSCN4304California grape shipments should remain in good volume, providing steady loading opportunities through the end of the year.  Meanwhile, the state’s citrus shipments will be picking up soon, while vegetable loadings will be limited as volume gradually shifts to the the desert areas.

Grape shipments at this point in the season are right on the heels of last year’s record loadings of 116 million, 19-pound boxes.  If this year’s grape shipments don’t break last year’s volume, at the least it will be the second largest on record.  About 70 percent of the total crop has been shipped .

Citrus Shipments

It is estimated California will ship 81 million, 40-pound cartons of  navel oranges this season.  Of that total, 78 million cartons will be shipped from California’s Central San Joaquin Valley.  Shipments are modest, but will be increasing in the weeks ahead.

Mandrian orange shipments are also on the rise, with greater volume than a year ago being forecast.

Vegetable shipments

Salinas vegetables ranging from broccoli to cauliflower, among others, will be shifting from the Salinas Valley to the desert areas.  The shift to California’s Imperial Valley and the Yuma District in Arizona will be taking place around the third to fourth week of November.  Head lettuce from the Huron District is winding down and also will be shifting the desert areas.

Central San Joaquin Valley grapes and other fruit – grossing about $7100 to New York City.



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Upstate NY Veggie Shipments are Generally Late, But Finally Getting Started

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DSCN3791+1While most upstate New York state vegetable shipments are getting underway as much as two weeks late this year due to weather factors, things are finally starting to pick up.

First of all, vegetables are grown and shipped from a number of different areas of the state.  Here are just a few cities and towns located near some of the larger vegetable operations:  Marion,  Florida, Goshen, Holley, King Ferry, Pine Island, Marion and Stanley.

Mid July Starts

Just getting underway are items ranging from green beans to cucumbers, and cabbage.  Just a note, there will be some slow starts.  For example green bean shipments are expected to be off 20 percent until about about the first of August, with normal volume coming on by the middle of August.  Cabbage is one of New York’s bigger items, but shipments will be down as much as 50 percent unil mid August, when normal volume should arrive.

Late July Starts

Vegetable loadings should start by late July or early August with sweet corn, which will continue until early October.  Other similar starting dates apply to squash and red round tomatoes. Labor Day Starts

Both potato shipments and onion shipments should be starting in early September around Labor Day.

New York state continues to be one of the leading shippers of fresh produce, consistently ranking in the top ten among states.

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Florida Spring Produce Shipments to Hit Stride in April

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HP0325Florida vegetable shipments are gearing up, but will it be record loading opportunties?  It certainly does not appear likely.

Light volume and later shipments have marked many produce shipments from Florida, but as we progress into spring it is gradually improving.

Following a disappointing winter, grower-shippers are seeing improved supplies as Florida’s vegetable growers transition to the new spring crop. Florida produce shippers are eyeing improved supplies of bell peppers as the Sunshine State transitions to the new spring crop. Unfavorable winter weather has delayed bigger spring volume by a week the first half of March.

However, you can expect a lot more April and May vegetable loadings. This will also be spurred by the fact Mexican vegetable shipments will be finishing earlier than normal due to unusually warm weather. This will increase demand for Florida green beans, cucumbers, bell peppers and cucumbers, which are just starting in very light volume. You can also look for shipments of tomatoes, celery, sweet corn, lettuce, radish, cabbage and watermelon.  Good volume will arrive in early to mid-April. However, some shippers predicting their volume will be down as much as 30 to 40 percent on some items.

While Florida spring vegetable loading opportunties will be good, I’m not expecting it to be great this season.  Few, if any, bumper crops are seen.

Florida blueberry shipments have recently started and are moving into volume.  Peak loading oppportunties will be around the third or fourth week of April.

Florida strawberry shipments from the Plant City area are winding down and should be finished by early April.

Florida produce – grossing about $2800 to Chicago.


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Georgia Produce Shipments to Remain Light Until May

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HP0324I’m in Georgia this week checking out the crops and visiting with shippers to give you a better idea of loading opportunities as we progress into spring.  I’m also visiting with some of you at truck stops along the Interstate 75 corridor.

Vidalia sweet onion shipments were not to legally start before April 21st  (at least until a Georgia court ruled otherwise and struck it down), which was the date set by the state’s ag commissioner.  Colder weather has put the onions behind schedule.  Don’t expect good volume before May.  While some observers are predicting shipments could be off as much as 25 percent this season, others are taking a wait and see attitude to measure yields.

Overall, you probably won’t be getting loaded in the Southeast without having multiple pick ups.  That could mean starting with pick ups in Florida and finishing off the load with additional pick ups in Georgia.  The volume is just not there.

Meanwhile, there is light to moderate shipments of various greens from central and southern Georgia.  Items ranging from vegetables such as cucumbers and squash are still a month or more away from being harvested.

Georgia has become a major shipper of blueberries with volume increasing each year.  Intial loadings of “blues” will start in April, with good volume arriving in early May.

Another big item for Georgia are watermelons.  While current loadings are occurring in Florida, where the harvest gradually moves northward, and usually ends by early June.  This is about the time George watermelon shipments get underway.

Finally, the Georgia peach bloom in the Fort Valley area is beautiful.  Shipping should get underway the last half of May.  If weather conditions hold over the next month there could be up to 2.2 million boxes of Georgia peaches shipped this season.  However, there is a freeze forecast for Tuesday night, March 25th.  It will take a bit to assess any damage.

Bill Martin



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