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Shuman Produce Acquires former Onion Competitior; CA Navel Shipments to End Early

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IMG_6642+1One of the larger Vidalia onion shippers, Shuman Produce, has just become significantly larger….On the West Coast,  here’s an update on California orange shipments.

Shuman Produce of Reidsville, GA which has grown over the past decade or so to become the second largest Georgia onion shipper, has purchased the Plantation Sweets Vidalia onion operation in Cobbtown, GA.

The 680-acre property includes a 94,000-square foot packing facility, and sold for $5.5 million at a bankruptcy auction April 26.

Shuman Produce plans to use cold storage space on the property in the next couple of weeks for part of its current crop, and the land will be planted this fall for next spring’s onion harvest.  The acquisition allows Shuman Produce to add several hundred thousand boxes of production to its Vidalia program.

During  the first round of bidding on primarily the land itself the bidding was up to about $2.5 million.  Obviously that  more than doubled before the bidding concluded.

Plantation Sweets filed for bankruptcy in 2016.  Farm equipment and onion bins that belonged to the company were sold in a separate auction April 27.

Another Vidalia onion operation, which previously belonged to Gerrald’s Vidalia Sweet Onions, will be available in a bankruptcy auction later this month. Online bidding on that property begins May 11.

Vidalia onions – grossing about $2000 to Chicago.

California Orange Shipments

An early conclusion to California’s navel orange shipments are expected due to a smaller crop, compared the last two seasons.

Navel shipments will be ending sometime in June.   About 75 percent of the navel crop had been picked by early April.

California shippers  already were exporting some valencia oranges, which should be available domestically after the navel crop is finished.   Most valencias go to foodservice or to schools.

Consumers do not favor valencias as much as they used to, due in part to increased availability of Southern Hemisphere navels.

Southern California citrus, avocados – grossing about $3900 to Chicago.


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Georgia Veg Shipments Have Started; Auctions set on 2 former Vidiala Onion Shippers

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150_5080+1Here’s a spotlight on Georgia with some good and some not so good.  A glimpse of the Georgia spring vegetable shipments is made.  There’s also news on two auctions of assets of former Vidalia onion shippers

Georgia vegetable shipments are getting underway in very light volume for the summer shipping season.  Warm growing conditions is resulting in one of the earliest starts in memory.  For example Southern Valley at Norman Park is now loading cabbage, yellow squash and zucchini.  These items will be soon be followed by vegetables in the first half of May ranging from eggplant, to cucumbers and peppers and later, sweet corn.

2 Vidalia Bankruptcies Ending in Auctions

Gerrald’s Vidalia Sweet Onions of Stateboro, GA will be for sale in May at a bank-ordered auction, which includes the land, facilities and equipment.   Online bidding starts May 11, with bidding on the real estate closing May 25 and bidding on equipment closing May 26.

Included in the auction will be 323 acres of farmland, about 150 acres of which is irrigated.  An 85,000-square foot packing facility, late-model John Deere equipment, row crop implements, packing equipment and more than 3,500 produce field bins will also be for sale, according to Weeks Auction Group of Moultrie, GA.

The property was last planted in 2016, though not with onions because it was a rotation year.  The land is also suitable for growing carrots, watermelon, cotton, peanuts and other crops.  The property also includes a 27-acre pecan orchard.  The auction comes as a result of bankruptcy and subsequent foreclosure. 

The auction will be the second of a Vidalia onion operation in the span of a month. 

Plantation Sweets of Cobbtown, GA will be sold in a bank-ordered auction today, which includes the land, facilities and equipment.  Plantation Sweets filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2016. In response to a motion to convert to Chapter 7 or dismiss the case, a judge ruled in December to dismiss.  The case was terminated March 29.

Assets up for sale in that auction will include about 567 acres of farmland. Equipment and micro-bins used by the operation will be sold April 27 in a separate auction.


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Updates on Grape and Onion Shipments; Calif has Diesel Tax Increase Coming

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DSCN9014Imported Chilean grapes enter their traditional seasonal decline this month.  Entering April, red grapes and green Thompson grapes were dominating Chilean shipments to the United States, although many black grapes seemed to have better quality.  Meanwhile, come this fall a big diesel tax increase is coming from California.

California’s Coachella Valley red grapes should get underway about May 10th, two weeks later than a year ago.  Imported Mexican grapes typically start several days before Coachella, but Mexico also is behind last year and is not expected to have any shipments until the first week of May.

High prices on Chilean grapes due to light supplies may encourage some growers to “clean up their vineyards” and put everything in the box that they can get their hands on.  In other words, if you’re planning to haul late season imported Chilean grapes, use caution when loading and make sure your receiver knows what kind of quality is being put in the truck.

Onion Shipments

Vidalia onions shippers have been loading trucks for weeks, but under Georgia regulations they cannot legally pack and ship those onions as Vidalia onions.  This is an attempt to protect the Vidalia name as a sweet onion and early shipments have bigger chances of having onions with high pungency levels – in other words – hot onions.   That changed today because April 12th is the official start of the Vidalia sweet onion shipping season……Meanwhile, Texas sweet onions apparently are having some quality issues due to rain.  An already short crop is expected to end shipments early, probably by the end of April.

California Passes Fuel Tax Hike

California just gave truckers another reason not to truck there.   The California legislature passed a bill last week increasing the excise tax on diesel fuel by 20 cents per gallon to help fund a $52 billion infrastructure plan.   Gov. Jerry Brown s expected to sign it into law this week. which becomes effective November 1st.

The increase in the tax rate will bring the state’s excise tax on diesel fuel from 16 cents to 36 cents per gallon over 10 years.  It also increases the state sales tax on diesel from 9 percent to 13 percent. The state’s gasoline tax will also increase from 28 cents to 40 cents per gallon during the same time period…..Several other state also are considering increase taxes on fuel.


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