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Northwest Cherries Shipments are Coming Soon

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DSCN3914Washington cherry shipments, which typically provide some of the better produce rates, should get underway in late May.

The first cherry harvest in the Northwest is expect around May 20-25 — which could possibly be the earliest harvest in 25-years.  Washington state provides the bulk of cherry shipments, with lesser volume coming out Oregon and Idaho.

The early start for shipping should ensure heavy volume before traditional pre-Fourth of July deliveries.

The Washington crop is about seven days ahead of last year and 10 days ahead of the five-year average.

Northwest cherry shipments may hit 10 million cartons in June and possibly about the same amount in July.  Though no official estimate has been released, overall Northwest 2015 cherry ahipments are expected near 20 million cartons, down from about 23 million cartons a year ago.

However, truck loadings will come on earlier than in 2014.  This should result in heavy shipments throughout June leading up to the Independence Day holiday.

The Northwest cherry shipping season is typically about 85 days, and this year the shipping season will be closer to 80 days. The back end of the season in August will have a few less shipping days.

Washington Apple Shipments

Until cherry shipments take off, apples may be your best bet as a lot of product remains to be shipped this season.

Yakima and Wenatchee Valley apples – grossing about $4450 to Orlando.


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Excellent Loading Opportunities Shaping Up for CA grapes, WA Cherries

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DSCN1834+1California grape shipments get underway later in April, plus we’ll take a look at Washington cherry shipments, starting in May.

The 2015 season for California grapes is expected to mirror 2014 in timing, beginning with late April in the Coachella Valley and running through January in the San Joaquin Valley.

California’s table grape growers shipped their second-largest crop ever last season, sending 110 million 19-pound boxes of grapes to consumers worldwide.

The top volume export markets included Canada at 11.4 million 19-pound boxes, followed by Mexico at 5.7 million and China/Hong Kong at 5.5 million.  Just over 40 percent of the total crop volume was exported.

Salinas Valley vegetable shipments are increasing – grossing about $5300 to Cleveland.

Washington Cherry Shipments

Cherry pickings should begin picking around May 20th, with the first bing peak shipping period to start about June 8-10, while the rainier peak is seen around June 15-30.

At this point the season appears it will start about five to 10 days ahead of normal, making it the earliest Washington cherry crop in six years.

Assuming the early cherry crop makes it through frost season unscathed, it could mean even greater loading opportunities leading up to the Fourth of July.

Peak Washington cherry shipments should occur between the first week of June and to the first week of July. However, keep in mind there is still a lot of weather to get through in the next month or so.

Washington apple shipments, Yakima Valley – grossing about $6600 to New York City.

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A Glimpse at California Pears, Washington State “Blues,” Apple Loads

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IMG_7017California pears, as well as Washington state blueberries are moving in good volume.  Washington apple loadings should be heavy again this season.

California pear loadings started a few weeks ago and have moved into good volume.  Volume is expected to hit about 4.5 million 36-pound cartons, up slightly from the 2012 crop.

More specifically, California pear shipments should total about 2.8 million from the river district, 1.2 million from the lake district and about 418,000 from the mountain district.

Washington blueberries, apples

Record Washington state blueberry shipments are currently taking place.  Last year Washington loaded 70 million pounds of blueberries, which was a record.  This year total shipments could set another record, with 80 million pounds of blueberries.

It will be August 10th When the official estimate  for Washington state apples shipments for the 2013-13 season will be released.  However, the state’s apple industry already is predicting  between  110 and 125 million boxes will be shipped.

The harvest for the new crop of apples should start beginning the first week of August, with increasing shipments following in the weeks ahead.   There should be good loading opportunities for Washington apples in time for deliveries ahead of time to receivers for Labor Day (September 2nd).

Washington cherry shipments are now in peak volume, but are expected to end a couple of weeks earlier than normal.  This would mean the cherry season ending about the time produce haulers could switch to loading apples prior to the Labor Day weekend.

Washington cherries – grossing about $4600 to Chicago.

California pears – about $7700 to New York City.


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