Southern Georiga Fall Veggie Loads are Starting

Southern Georiga Fall Veggie Loads are Starting

While loading opportunities for summer vegetables in the mid-west and northeast may have been hindered some due to dry, hot weather, loadings are expected to be brisk for this fall in Georgia.  Normal vegetables shipments are expected from the southern part part of the state.  Here’s a look at when primarily fall veggies shipments should be available.

These items should continue providing loads in good volume until the first frost hits, which normally comes in mid to late November.  The exception is cabbage, which is more frost resistant.

Squash –mid September

Cucumbers — late September

Peppers — early October

Corn and beans — mid October

Cabbage — early November

As the fall Georgia vegetable shipments start declining in November, loading opportunities will be increasing in Florida.  However, Florida volume will be light, compared to its most active time of the year, which is spring.