New York Summer Vegetables to Have Shipping Gaps

New York Summer Vegetables to Have Shipping Gaps

DSCN0721Produce truckers should not  expect this summer to bring normal loading opportunitunites for many New York state vegetables.

Shipping gaps and less volume due to torrential spring rains interrupted spring plantings on many of the Empire State’s commodites, ranging from  sweet corn, to green beans, cabbage, squash and potatoes.

This situation exists pretty much in every shipping area of  the state.

For example shipping gaps on New York sweet corn will start in early August.  In similar situation exists for green beans.

There also are question marks relating to New York cabbage shipments.  Volume is predicted to be sporatic with shipping gaps occuring in late August and early September.

Excessive rains and recent triple digit heat  a few weeks ago are expected to cut Orange County, New York’s onion shipments by 10 percent this coming season.  Limited shipmentes are underway.  Like many New York state veggies, these storage onions are typically shipped to East Coast markets through April.

The USDA ranked  New York as the 7th leading vegetable shipping in the nation in 2011  for  fresh market vegetables and 7th in the nation for production of processing vegetables.

New York vegetable shipments originate from numerous areas spread across this giant states.  Likewise, apples may not come from as many different regions, but still are shipped from six primary areas the Eastern Hudson Valley, Western Hudson Valley, Champlain Valley, Central, Lake Country and Niagra Frontier.

New York ranks second nationally in apple shipments.  It’s new season starts in a few weeks with an excellent crop being forecast.