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U.S. Apple Loadings are Expected to Increase from Last Season

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U.S. apple shipments are expected to total over 267 million 42-pound carton equivalents, a 9 percent increase from the 244 million boxes loaded during the previous season.

Washington Apple Shipments

Washington had a smaller crop during the 2018 season than in 2017 – an estimated 117 million 40-pound boxes compared to 133 million boxes. This season increased shipments are expected.

Red delicious, gala, golden delicious, granny smith, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp and fuji are the top apple varieties, with the Cosmic Crisp being shipped in December for the first time.

Michigan Apple Shipments

Michigan apple shipments will get underway on normal schedule around mid- to late August, depending on variety. A good crop is seen. Last year’s volume was 25 million 42-pound box equivalents. The average crop size is about 25.2 million boxes.

Michigan grows many varieties, including consumer favorites like Honeycrisp, gala and fuji. The state also produces a number of popular club varieties, Smith said.

New York Apple Shipments

New York apple shipments for the season are estimated to be around 31 million bushels. Early variety loadings get underway in mid- to late August.

New York will be shipping SweeTango and favorites like Honeycrisp, gala, red delicious, mcintosh, empire, cortland and more. 

California Apple Shipments

California apple shipments dipped last year because of bad weather, but should reach 1.5 million to 2 million 40-pound box equivalents, compared to 1.1 million boxes for the previous year.

Although the state had a rainy winter and spring, the apple loadings have just got underway with galas, as usual, followed by granny smith in August, fuji in September, Pink Lady in October and braeburn and other varieties after that.

California growers do not ship out of storage.

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Pennsylvania Apple Shipments are Underway; California Apple Loading Update

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DSCN9847Pennsylvania apple shipments have started, plus an update on how apples are moving from California operations.

Rice Fruit Co. of Gardners, Pennsylvania have recently started its stone fruit season, which will continue until Labor Day.  Shipments started with the company’s  Premier Honeycrisp apple, an early season Honeycrip varietal.  It will be shipped until mid-August.

The apple grower/shipper started with stonefruit, which is a short, fast and furious season, before quickly turning to apples, including the seasonal varietal ginger gold, the first-to-market Premier Honeycrisp and shortly thereafter, gala.

Rice Fruit Co. today is the largest fresh apple packing facility east of the Mississippi.  Besides the fruit grown by R&L Orchards, the company packs fruit for about 75 other fruit-growing families, mostly in Adams County, but some from as far away as Virginia and New York. The company packs fruit year-round, using 18 controlled atmosphere storage rooms. In the spring and summer months, it also stores and repacks fruit from the southern hemisphere.

California Apple Shipments

California’s apple shipments got underway in mid-July and continues through early October.  The early California apple forecast projects  about 1.6 million boxes of which about 1.2 million boxes will go to processing.

No doubt California is a minor shipper of apples compared to Washington state that ships more apples in a week than the Golden State does over an entire year.  California does not store apples, unlike Washington which places most of its fruit in storage for a near year around shipping season.

Calfiornia is the first state in the U.S. to ship apples from a new crop every year.

Although a large percentage of California apples are sold domestically, nearly 20 percent of California apple volume is moved offshore to places such as Canada, Mexico and Southeast Asia.

Primavera Marking of Linden, CA, which ships 90 percent of its apples to retailers,  just started harvesting Galas the week of July 24   It will start shipping Fujis around Aug. 15, Granny Smiths around Aug. 28 and Pink Ladies the week of Oct. 16.


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New Season Shipments Near for NY and Calif. Apples

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DSCN3797+1Here is a look a new season shipments for New York and California apples, plus some other loading opportunities in both of these states.

New York Apple Shipments

New York state’s apple harvest is scheduled to begin August 15th, with shipments getting underway shortly thereafter.  The Empire State expects to ship about 30 million bushels of fruit this season, down only slightly from the  32 million bushels shipped during the 2013-14 season.  However, total volume is still expected to stay above the state’s five-year averages of 29.5 million bushels.  Although the apple harvest should end in November, loading opportunities will continue well into next spring, if not summer.  The Hudson Valley is New York’s leading area for apple shipments, although several other areas of the state also have the fruit in significant volume.

New York vegetable shipments are moving in steady volume, especially from western and central areas of the state.

Western New York vegetables – grossing about $1600 to New York City.

California Apple Shipments

Apple shipments out of California’ San Joaquin Valley got underway a couple of weeks ago, but are only entering volume loadings now.  This is one of the earliest maturing crops on record.  Overall, California expects to ship about 2.4 million boxes of apples this season, which is fairly normal.

While gala shipments started in mid July, granny smiths should get underway the week of August 11th, followed by fujis around August 18th. followed by Pink Lady apples in the middle of October.

California’s San Joaquin Valley  produce shipments are in good volume with everything ranging from grapes to tomatoes, stone fruit and vegetables.

San Joaquin Valley vegetables and melons – grossing about $7500 to New York City.

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