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Lemon Shipments to Remain Much Lighter than Normal for Weeks

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A375A California heat wave that started two weeks ago in the coastal region has brought on lemon ripening much more quickly than usual and product is dropping from trees.  Long story short, California lemon shipments will be much lighter than normal for the next two months.

Wonderful Citrus of Delano, CA has less than 20 percent of its lemons remaining on trees.  Lemoneira of Santa Paula, CA  reports the heat wave hit July 7th and has continued.

Overall, imported lemon volume has been down this summer and the situation will not improve anytime soon.

Imported Mexican lemons are expected to be off 15 to 20 percent due to a December cold front affecting trees in the colder regions of Mexico’s lemon growing regions in the north.  At the same time Chile is projecting a lemon crop very similar to last season, but their shipments to the U.S. are down by 30 percent compared to the same time last season.  Chilean adverse weather condition has slowed harvests and move back shipping dates.  Additionally, Argentina lemon imports have been less this season than anticipated.

Domestic lemon shipments from the California-Arizona desert region by the end of August, but only in very light volume.  Full volume from that area will not be available until the end of September.

Orange Shipments

The recently completed California orange shipping season has the last tabulation at 44 million boxes, down 1 percent from the USDA’s June projection. The estimate for valencias has been lowered 5 percent to 9 million boxes, on par with last season. The forecast for navels is steady at 35 million boxes, which is down 11 percent from the 2016-17 season.

The smaller navel crop — with that season normally running from October into June — was expected by the industry because of a couple of weather events.

The USDA forecast for the new season of California orange shipments will come out in September.





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Shuman Produce Acquires former Onion Competitior; CA Navel Shipments to End Early

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IMG_6642+1One of the larger Vidalia onion shippers, Shuman Produce, has just become significantly larger….On the West Coast,  here’s an update on California orange shipments.

Shuman Produce of Reidsville, GA which has grown over the past decade or so to become the second largest Georgia onion shipper, has purchased the Plantation Sweets Vidalia onion operation in Cobbtown, GA.

The 680-acre property includes a 94,000-square foot packing facility, and sold for $5.5 million at a bankruptcy auction April 26.

Shuman Produce plans to use cold storage space on the property in the next couple of weeks for part of its current crop, and the land will be planted this fall for next spring’s onion harvest.  The acquisition allows Shuman Produce to add several hundred thousand boxes of production to its Vidalia program.

During  the first round of bidding on primarily the land itself the bidding was up to about $2.5 million.  Obviously that  more than doubled before the bidding concluded.

Plantation Sweets filed for bankruptcy in 2016.  Farm equipment and onion bins that belonged to the company were sold in a separate auction April 27.

Another Vidalia onion operation, which previously belonged to Gerrald’s Vidalia Sweet Onions, will be available in a bankruptcy auction later this month. Online bidding on that property begins May 11.

Vidalia onions – grossing about $2000 to Chicago.

California Orange Shipments

An early conclusion to California’s navel orange shipments are expected due to a smaller crop, compared the last two seasons.

Navel shipments will be ending sometime in June.   About 75 percent of the navel crop had been picked by early April.

California shippers  already were exporting some valencia oranges, which should be available domestically after the navel crop is finished.   Most valencias go to foodservice or to schools.

Consumers do not favor valencias as much as they used to, due in part to increased availability of Southern Hemisphere navels.

Southern California citrus, avocados – grossing about $3900 to Chicago.


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Citrus Shipments to be Down; Maine Broccoli Starts

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DSCN3786+1American citrus shipments are expected to be down this season.  Meanwhile, off the radar a bit, might be loading opportunities in Maine for – of all things – broccoli.

U.S. growers are expected to produce about 138 million boxes of oranges this season, down from 147 million boxes in 2014-15.

The drop continues a years-long trend in U.S. orange production, according to the July citrus forecast from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

About 156 million boxes of oranges were produced in the U.S. in 2013-14, 190 million boxes in 2012-13.

By state, Florida orange shipments should hit about 81.5 million boxes this season, up from the June estimate of 81.4 million boxes but down from 97 million boxes last season, 105 million boxes in 2013-14 and 134 million boxes in 2012-13.

California’s orange shipments are projected to be 55 million boxes and Texas orange shipments are estimated at 1.7 million boxes in 2015-16.

About 19.6 million boxes of U.S. grapefruit are expected this season, down from the June estimate of 20 million boxes. It’s also fewer boxes than the 2014-15 total of 21.5 million boxes, the 2013-14 total of 25.2 million boxes and the 2012-13 total of 29 million boxes.

U.S. growers should ship about 23.4 million boxes of lemons this season, up from the June estimate of 22.5 million boxes, 22.6 million boxes in 2014-15, 20.6 million boxes in 2013-14 and 22.8 million boxes in 2012-13.

U.S. tangerine production also continues its upward trend. About 23.4 million boxes are expected in 2015-16, comparable to the June estimate and up from 20.9 million boxes last season, 17.8 million boxes in 2013-14 and 16.4 million boxes in 2012-13.

Southern California citrus and avocados – grossing about $5600 to Atlanta.

Maine Broccoli Shipments

Shipper Fresh from the Start expects to start shipping Maine broccoli anytime and continue through October out of Fort Kent Mills, Me.

Once the Maine broccoli is harvested, it is boxed and packed in the field.  The product is then pre-cooled with a Slush Ice Injection System and the vast majority is shipped the same day. The company ships broccoli year-round between its broccoli crop in California and Maine program.  The company is part of Hapco Farms LLC, headquartered in Riverhead, NY.

Hapco also ships potatoes year-round, as well as watermelons, vegetables and fruit year-round from all production areas, including California, Florida, Canada and offshore imported produce.

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Shipping Outlook for NY Apples, FL Blueberries and CA Citrus

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Here’s a look at loading opportunities with New York apples, Florida blueberries, plus citrus and artichokes from California.

New York apple shipments have been steady from week to week shipments for the most part.  The Empire state has between 550 and 600 primary apple growers that produce an average of 29.5 to 30 million bushels a season.  That average is nudging up over time as orchards become more productive.

Florida Blueberry Shipments

A very limited amount of Florida blueberry shipments are underway, but due to an excessively warm winter, volume is expected to be much lower this season.  Florida has about 8,000 acres of blueberries and is the first state to ship the fruit each year.   It is closely followed by Georgia blueberry shipments.  Georgia has about 25,000 acres of blueberries, with the harvest starting in a few weeks.  We’ll provide more information on Georgia “blues” as it becomes available.

Central Florida berries, veggies – grossing about $2100 to New York City; Southern Florida potatoes and melons, about $2500 to  New York City.

California Artichoke Shipments

Ocean Mist Farms of Castroville, CA is entering the peak season for its artichoke shipments.  Peak loadings should continue through May.  Ocean Mist is the largest grower shipper of the product.

California Orange Shipments

Navel orange shipments out of the San Joaquin Valley should be about 10 to 15 percent higher than originally estimated.  The harvest is about 50 percent completed and shipments have been steady.

San Joaquin Valley oranges, kiwifruit and carrots – grossing about $4400 to Atlanta.


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California Shipping Update: Table Grapes and Oranges

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022Here’s a look at the final months of California table grape shipments and the outlook for the new crop of California Navel oranges.

Adverse weather reduced California table grape shipments the first part of the season, but the second half of the season has been more stable with steady shipments.  Approximately 15 percent of the crop is left to harvest and about 25 percent of the crop has yet to be shipped.  Still, about 2,000 truck loads are being shipped weekly from the San Joaquin Valley.

Actually more shipments are now occurring in the fall and less in the off-season, considered to be spring and summer.  Loadings can go up to four million boxes a week during the season and only about two-and-a-half million boxes when not in season.

California grapes – grossing about $5100 to Atlanta.

California Orange Shipments

With harvesting of the California Navel orange crop under way, there is a  pre-season estimate of nearly a 10 percent increase in volume.  California is projected to ship an estimated at 86 million cartons this season, with all but 3 million of that coming from the Central San Joaquin Valley.   This would represent an 8.5 percent increase over last year’s volume.

A survey of orchards indicate a fruit set per tree of 412 in California’s 122,000 acres of bearing trees. That number is 20 percent higher than the five-year average of 336.

California citrus shipments occur from October into July, with the January to April time frame being the peak season.  California is bracing for above-average rainfall for the first time in five years as the El Nino weather condition is expected to drop a lot of water, especially in the southern half of the state. The Central Valley runs from the south to the north, but the majority of citrus groves are in the southern half.

California citrus – grossing about $6600 to Boston.


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Loading Opportunities for West Texas Melons, California Oranges

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DSCN3761+1West Texas watermelons are now being loaded, plus here’s an update on California Valencia orange shipments in the latter part of the season before navels get underway.

Texas Watermelon Shipments

Watermelon shipments are underway from West Texas, with good growing conditions and rainfall report to be producing one of the regions better crops.  For example, loadings are now taking place with Warren Produce LLC, out of Brownfield, Tx.  Acreage is up a little in West Texas this season, particularly on seeded watermelon varieties.  Shipments are expected to continue through August and September.

West Texas watermelons – grossing about $2600 to Chicago.

California Orange Shipments

California valencia shippers are reporting brisk loadings of high-quality fruit after a lull the first half of August.  Volume has picked back up, especially with the kids starting back to school.   Meanwhile, the forecast for the upcoming navel shipments, initially is showing lower volume ahead due to water restrictions.

Valencia shipments have been a mixed bag this summer, as growers approach water restrictions in different ways.  Some shippers pushed heavy at the front end of the season, while others took a break and are now increasing shipments heading into fall.  Valencia shipments should be strong until early October, about two weeks before growers transition to navels.

The initial estimate of 20 million cartons of California valencias could wind up being slightly high.

Southern California citrus – grossing about $5600 to Atlanta.





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Arkansas Tomato Shipments Starting in June; California to Ship More Oranges than Originally Thought

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IMG_6496Arkansas tomato loadings in June should start on time, while loading opportunities with late season California oranges should improve.

Tomato Shipments

For about a six-week period  each summer Arkansas is a significant shipping area for tomatoes.

While cool and wet weather may affect the size and volumes of Arkansas tomatoes, shipments should get underway on schedule around June 10th from the Hermitage area.  There also may be some quality issues early in the harvest compared to later in the season.  Loading opportunities should continue into the third week of July.  Typically the tomato mix is about 80 percent round tomatoes and the balance is with romas.

Orange Shipments

California orange shipments have suffered this season due to a devasting freeze last December.  However, the good news is the loss of navels from that event may not be as serious as originally thought.  While the culling process resulted in about a 30 percent loss of citrus, this was lower than predicted.

Still, navel shipments should be pretty much ending with May.

California valencia loadings started last month, and are expected to continue through October.

California rates have generally been edging upwards, which is to be expected this time of year with volume increases and greater demand for trucks.

Southern California citrus – grossing about $5300 to Chicago.

Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $6400 to Atlanta.





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