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Imports of Chilean Blueberries Should be Similar to Last Season

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A good season for Chilean blueberry production and exports to the U.S. through the winter months is anticipated by industry observers.

 Last Land Farms SA reports the U.S. market continues to be a major market of the Chilean “blues”, and volume should be similar to the 2019-20 season.

The Chilean Blueberry Committee estimates fresh exports for the current season at 111,500 tons, very close in volume to 2019-20 and 2 percent higher than the previous season.

For 2019-20, Chile’s peak volume months for blueberry shipments to the U.S. were December, January and February. Chilean exporters sent about one third (32 percent) of the country’s annual shipments by value to the U.S. in January last season, followed by February (27 percent) and December (23 percent).

Total Chilean blueberry exports to the U.S. in the 2019-20 season (September 2019 through August 2020) were valued at $209.7 million, off from $269.9 million the previous season and down nearly $110 million from 2017-18.

Chile’s share of total U.S. blueberry imports was 24 percent in 2019, down from 33 percent in 2018 and 44 percent in 2015. 
Peru has seen its share of value of U.S. blueberry imports grow from 9 percent in 2015 to 41 percent in 2019.

ACF Global Sourcing reports its fresh blueberry season should be around 112,000 tons, but if markets during the last weeks of December, January and February show unexpected returns and those are favorable, the total exports could increase 5 to 10 percent. The company has about 15,000 to 20,000 tons which could go to either fresh or frozen depending on markets.


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Outlook for CA Citrus, Chilean “Blues”, NY Produce

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dscn13751Outlook — California citrus shipments will be down this season, while Chilean blueberries arriving in North America are expected to increase.  We also take a peak at New York state produce shipments.

With a final shipment of California navels, the total was about 94 million cartons for the 2015-16 season, which was the second largest on record.  The upcoming season is expected to be 10 to 15 percent less, amounting to about 84 million cartons.

The California navel orange crop as well as the specialty citrus – led by mandarin oranges – are coming along fine. Harvesting and shipping of navel oranges should be getting underway any day now, while mandarin shipments have already started.   California continues to the leading shipper of fresh market citrus in the United States.  While early shipping volumes for mandarins have been down a bit, the crop matures, the numbers are expected to increase.

San Joaquin Valley grapes and vegetables – grossing about $4100 to Chicago.

Chilean Blueberry Imports

The U.S. and Canada received 69 percent of the 91,500 metric tons of blueberries exported by Chile during the 2015-16 season.  Light blueberry harvest began in August, with peak volume expected to begin at the end of November and continue until the first or second week of March.

 Forecast volume to the U.S. is expected to rise about 3 percent this season.  During the 2015-16 season, Chilean exporters shipped 15 percent of all blueberry exports by air, and the rest by ocean container.
New York Produce Shipments
Apples are the largest volume produce item being shipped this time of the year, ranging from the Hudson Valley to the Champlain Valley, the central part of the state (Ithaca area).  There’s shipments from Western New York (Buffalo) area stretching eastward along the southern shores of Lake Ontario all the way to Oswego.  The state expects to ship about 30 million cartons of apples this season and will rank a close third in volume behind Michigan.
There also is moderate volume of cabbage shipments from central and western areas of the Empire state.  Orange County, New York is moving a moderate, but steady volume of storage onions.

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Updates on Imported Fruit from Chile and Peru

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002Wintertime South American imports are underway ranging from Chilean blueberries to Peruvian fruit.

Chilean blueberry imports have started, but the first volume of containers by boat will not arrove until late December.  Chilean blueberry imports typically occur from November through March.

U.S. imports of Chilean blueberries are expected to range between six and 18 percent more than the 2014-15 season.  Last season Chile exported about 101.4 million tons of fresh blueberries, of which 67 percent were sent to the U.S. and Canadian markets.  U.S. imports of Chilean fresh blueberries totaled 63.1 million tons in 2014-15, up from 49,7 million tons in 2013-2014.

Peruvian Grape Imports
Imported seeded grapes from Peru are arriving in volume at ports on the East Coast.  Peruvian red grapes are said to have better quality than green grapes this season.  California grape shipments are winding down this month.
Peruvian Avocado Imports
The Port of Savannah has added Peruvian avocados to its expanding portfolio of perishable goods.   Importing avocados through Savannah is a first for the avocado industry   Savannah allows faster  access to receivers in the Southeast. Peruvian imports occur from May through September. Savannah’s Garden City Terminal offers 94 refrigerated container racks and 733 chassis plug-ins, powering 2,989 refrigerated boxes at a time.  Another 10 racks will be complete by the end of the year, adding 240 slots for perishable goods.The Georgia Ports Authority moved nearly 140,000 20-foot equivalent container units of refrigerated cargo in fiscal year 2015.  The GPA anticipates a 4.5 percent growth rate of refrigerated cargo in the next year.

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Mid-Atlantic Apple Shipping Update; Chilean Blueberry Imports are Up

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016Apple shipments from West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania are forecast to increase over 41 million pounds this year across the three states, according to the USDA.  Meanwhile, imports of Chilean blueberries continue to increase.

Pennsylvania apple shipments should see a 32-million pound increase over 2014.

Meanwhile, West Virginia apple shipments are expected to increase by 8 million pounds, while Maryland apple shipments are projected to have a 1.6 million-pound hike.

Pennsylvania, which had 493 million pounds of apples in 2014, ranked fourth among 29 major apple-producing states.  West Virginia ranked ninth, with 82 million pounds last year.

Chilean Blueberry Imports

Chilean blueberry production will continue to grow during the 2015-16 season, and global exports of fresh blueberries will be in the range of 218 million to 241 million pounds.  This means an increase of 7 to 19 percent over the previous season’s exports of 203 million pounds.

North America is by far the largest export market for Chilean blueberries, with 67 percent of Chilean blueberry exports landing in this market during the 2014-15 season.  Europe comprised 23 percent of Chile’s fresh blueberry exports and Asia 10 percent.

Chile’s blueberry acreage continues to expand, with  about 39,289 acres currently planted.  In 2014-15, Chile exported a total of 34.1 million boxes, with over 19 million boxes shipped to North America.  In 2015-16, exports to America are projected to exceed 20 million boxes and reach new historic highs.

The first export peak is expected to be similar in timing to 2014, with projected exports of 9-13 million pounds in December.


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