California table grape remaining to be shipped is about 79 percent more than at this same period last year, according to the USDA.

There were about 2.43 million packages of the California grapes in cold storage as of December 15th.  This compares to 1.36 million on the same date in 2015.  The current amount is about 30 percent lower than the 3.44 million total packages in 2014.

The autumn royal variety totaled 255,255 packages in storage in mid-December, compared to 59,867 a year earlier — an increase of about 326 percent — although the current total was down by about 4.7 percent from the 267,867 of two years ago.

Crimson seedless packages in storage totaled 1.02 million packages, an increase of about 95 percent over the 524,336 in 2015, but a 38 percent less from the 1.66 million 2014.

There were 669,470 packages of other red seedless varieties in storage, about a 287 percent increase over the 173,000 in 2015 and a 121 percent increase over the 303,000 packages in 2014.

By contrast, the inventory of autumn king trailed totals from 2015 and 2014 — this year’s 154,341 packages are down 47 percent from a year ago and down 60 percent from 2014.

Flame seedless grapes in storage totaled 1,985 packages this year, compared to 4,505 last year and 18,701 in 2014.  That marked a 56 percent decline from 2015 and 89 percent from two years earlier.

While grape supplies  are now low, current volume and shipments are  similar to where they have been the last couple of years.

There also have been some reports of discoloration, especially with red grapes and storage quality has not been as good.  So extra caution is recommended by drivers when loading product.

Imports of grapes from Peru are underway in light, but increasing volume and Chilean grapes will soon be arriving at East Coast ports and soon to be followed by arrivals on the West Coast.

San Joaquin Valley grapes – grossing about $3800 to Dallas.