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The Outlook for Vidalia Onion, Georgia Peach Shipments

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IMG_5515Produce truckers should find good seasons ahead for two of Georgia most popular agricultural commodities – Vidalia sweet onions and peaches.

The largest amount of Vidalia onion shipments is expected since 2011.  The industry may ship at least 5 million 40-pound equivalents this year, which would be close to its 10-year average.  In other words, an average size crop is seen. The past three years have been rough on Vidalia onion shipments because of downy mildew, seed stems and freezing temperatures hitting shortly before harvest in 2012, 2013 and 2014.   The reported total volumes shipped in the past three seasons were:

  • 2012 — 4.4 million 40-pound equivalents;
  • 2013 — 5.6 million 40-pound equivalents;
  • 2014 — 4.7 million 40-pound equivalents.

Georgia Peach Shipments

Growers anticipate seeing the first shipments of fruit the week of May 18th.  Varieties include the Flavorich, which will start around Memorial Day, all the way to the August Prince in late August. Weather has been on the side of Georgia peach growers so far this year. Each year, Georgia produces more than 80 million pounds of the fruit from mid-May to mid-August, and the vast majority of fruit is picked, packed and shipped the same day.

90 percent of Georgia Peaches are grown in a 10,000-acre area known as the Fort Valley Plateau.

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Carolina Peach Shipments to Finally be Picking up in Volume in the Weeks Ahead

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Georgia peach shipments got off to a very light start a couple of weeks ago, but should experience a significant volume increase by the middle of June.  However, the best loading opportunities from the Fort Valley area will take place during the month of July.  Shipments should continue until at least the middle of August.  So far, Georgia peach loadings have been only about 30 percent of normal due to a harsh winter and early spring weather conditions.

Meanwhile, South Carolina peach shipments only started about a week ago, which like Georgia, are running a week or two later than normal.  The best loading opportunities for South Carolina peaches will be from about mid July until the middle of August, with the season ending by Labor Day.

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Southeastern Peach Shipments Starting Soon; 3 States Shipping Most of the Potatoes

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064Here’s a preview of Georgia peach shipments and South Carolina peach shipments, which will be starting soon.  Additionally, most loading opportunities for potatoes around the country these day are limited mostly to three states.

Shipments of Georiga peaches will be light, especially when loadings get underway the first half of May, thanks in part to a late March freeze.  The first half of June will also see lighter-than-normal volume.  However, with the maturing of later variety Georgia peaches, the month of July should experience more normal shipments.

Most of the peach shippers are located in the Fort Valley area, just south of Macon.

South Carolina peach loadings typically follow Georgia’s start about a week or so later.  Carolina peaches also were hit by that March freeze and if anything, suffered more damage than Georgia.  Intial reports indicate South Carolina lost at least half of its peach crop.  The only sales of Carolina peaches in May and June will be locally.  There should be better volume in July.

Potato Shipments

Although there are a few other states in the mix when it comes to current potato shipments, Idaho easily is leading the pack, followed by Colorado and Wisconsin.

Wisconsin and Colorado russet potato shipments should remain steady heading into summer.  However, volume from the nation’s biggest shipper, Idaho, could decline some in May and June.

Idaho is averaging about 1700 truckload equivalents of spuds being shipped each week.  Colorado is a distant second with around 600 truckloads weekly, and Wisconsin is third at about 300 truckloads per week.

In the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota about half of the sheds continue to ship, mostly red potatoes.  Some of those packinghouse will close for the season anytime now, others will be following in May and only one or two sheds will still be shipping in June.

Idaho potato shipments – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.

Colorado potato shipments – about $2900 to Atlanta.

Wisconsin potato shipments – about $34oo to New York City.

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